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Round Table Realty is your one-stop shop when you're eyeing Jacksonville homes for sale! Our state-of-the-art real estate search tools are the most advanced in North Florida. Our listings are updated every few minutes so you never miss a chance to see a Jacksonville house first! Start by entering the zip code in the white search bar above, or click on one of the many neighborhoods featured above.

If you also have a house to sell, take advantage of our "What is My Home Worth?" tool below.

Jacksonville Realtors are plentiful, but Jacksonville Realtors able to practice as single agents are not plentiful! If you aren't familiar with single agency, give Round Table Realtor a call and learn why it's likely a better option for you (whether buying or selling!).

Jacksonville Offers a Diverse and Fast-Moving Real Estate Market

Houses for sale in Jacksonville are moving fast. From the hip streets of Riverside to the beautiful neighborhoods of St. Johns, beach views in Ponte Vedra and river views in Mandarin, Jacksonville real estate has something for just about everyone! One of the most popular categories of houses for sale are pool homes! Luckily, you can find a gorgeous house with a pool at a wide range of price points. Remember, while nothing is better than a dip in a cool pool during a hot summer, warmer months last a lot longer in the south! That cool pool can come in handy almost year-round!

The houses for sale in Jacksonville are as different as they can be. From sprawling estates to beautiful, country-style cottages, you can reap the benefits of Jacksonville being the largest city (per square mile) in the country! Each neighborhood has its own style and culture, which is why you'll find such a fantastic variety of activities and businesses here. Check out the Jacksonville houses for sale in the neighborhoods below and you'll get a great idea of where you might find your dream home!

Why Should You Buy a House in Jacksonville, FL?

The Jacksonville economy is booming so if you're entrepreneurial-minded, you might find that it is the perfect place for you. Downtown is full of new and burgeoning neighborhoods, but every smaller neighborhood also has its fair share of opportunity. A Round Table Realtor can help you narrow down your search.

Jacksonville Real Estate has always been plentiful, even during hard economic times. With so much beautiful land to work with, developers are constantly attracted to our great city and regularly taking steps to create more homes for our residents. Whether you're a family or a retiree, single or married, you can find a house for sale in Jacksonville that meets your needs.

Why Round Table Realty?

At Round Table Realty, we're not just proud to employ some of the top Jacksonville Realtors. We've built and nurtured relationships with the best lenders, inspectors, insurance agents, and builders in the city. None of what we do would be possible without the amazing men and woman who work tirelessly to serve our clients the same way that we do. So if you're worried that finding a Jacksonville Realtor isn't enough, rest assured that a Round Table Realty agent comes with a family of options if you choose to use them. We're proud to offer more than just homes for sale in Jacksonville!

If you're clicking through our website and you have any questions or see a home that's of interest to you, a Round Table Realtor can show you any of them! No, you don't have to worry about whether or not the house listed is represented by us. Any Realtor in the city can show you any home you find for sale, including houses for sale by owner. Don't go it alone. Jacksonville Realtors offer massive amounts of knowledge and guidance, so any question you have can and will be answered promptly by one of us!

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