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Alicia Oliver

Born in a small town near Tampa called New Port Richey, Alicia was raised in a family that did construction. They built property left and right as she grew, so she was exposed early and often to the value of owning land and houses. While her degrees are in psychology and criminal justice science, they ultimately led to her back around to a career path in real estate! (After all, whose career path is a straight line?) Alicia began her real estate career by putting people before property (long before she discovered Round Table Realty!). She's heart-first and loves the challenge that comes with different characters, needs, and transactions. Her degrees in psychology help her listen in a way most Realtors don't and being a Florida resident all her life, she prides herself on being able to give you directions to just about anywhere (just give her a street name in the tri-county area! People call her a human map!). Alicia has two awesome boys, one who is a Marine and the other attending a St. Johns County High School. She has a rescue cat named Ariel (a Hemmingway with 7 toes) and recently adopted a dog from K9 for Warriors named Mack. If she's not closing a deal, she's planning her next trip! Travel is her second love!

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