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At closing my husband and I looked at each other and said “ Should it have been this easy?” We know buying a home can be stressful but Anya had a very concierge way of guiding us through this process and made it painless. She is detailed, she is knowledgeable, she is reliable (will always be one time or even early). Her professionalism amazed us as she worked through any twists and turns with calm, confidence and tact. She explained things to us in a way that made it easy to understand. She is also just an awesome, genuine and kind human being. We went back and forth between two homes and when we asked for her advice- she reminded us of the things that were most important to us. This meant purchasing a less expensive home. She truly has the buyers best interest at heart. I would never buy a home without a Realtor. I would never buy a home without ANYA PAINTER as my Realtor!!

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I am a wife, a mother, a realtor, an immigrant, a dream chaser. As a new immigrant back in 1999, I dreamed of having a career in banking. With hard work and a bit of luck of having wonderful mentors along the way, I was able to achieve my dream and was able to move up quickly in my banking career. I managed several banking centers of the local, family owned bank. During 8 years of my employment at the bank I had a privilege of meeting some extra ordinary clients and co-workers, whose personal stories I loved and some of them I still keep in touch with. When I started to have children, I made a decision that my dream of running a bank office has been lived to the fullest and it was time to move on to a new dream, a dream of raising children. I first transitioned to a part time position in an insurance agency as a bookkeeping assistant and three years later decided to become a stay at home mama. Six months into being a stay at home mama, I found myself sitting in a clean house, with perfectly folded and put away laundry, clean children, and being bored to pieces. I missed working, I missed people and their stories. With encouragement of my husband and a close friend, I decided to pursue a career in Real Estate. The more I studied, the more I felt like: "This is IT! This is what I was made for! I can be a blessing to my clients through my work like never before, because house buying or selling is very personal. It is life changing!" And a new dream was born: "Become an agent of choice to dreamers like me". I am thrilled to be on this journey. My clients are most interesting, inspiring people I have ever met. And I look forward to the future clients that I will get to meet in my life. I joined an amazing brokerage, that truly puts people first. "People Before Property" is our way of doing business, it is my way of serving to my clients, treating each one with utmost respect, professionalism, patience, kindness, compassion and providing highest level of customer service and representation. Making their experience of buying or selling a home a pleasant one and as easy as possible given each individual situation. I hope I get to meet you and get to know your story too. What are your dreams made of?

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