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Bailey Martin

After Bailey graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a BA in finance, she was scooped up by a local business in need of a turnaround. Within 2 years, she tripled their profits. While the company thrived, Bailey's travel-schedule meant time away from her wife and children, so she decided to use her degree and interpersonal skills to begin her new career: real estate. Bailey chose Jacksonville for its booming housing market. (The beaches and the St. Johns County school district were an added bonus!) Her passion for real estate grew as she matched her clients up with their perfect homes, using her degree in finance to provide smooth and valuable transactions. Combined with her deeply-held belief that there is no better investment than a home, Bailey did everything she could to become the best at what she does. Her assertive personality, effective know-how, and dedicated work-ethic gets the job done; and her passion for relationship-building means her clients are clients for life. A born-adventure seeker, Bailey sky-dives, zip lines, rides ATVs, and travels all over the world when she's not helping her client find homes. She loves her Jeep, her family, gardening, and playing sports. She is proud to represent the Round Table Realty slogan, "People before property."

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