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Ray Scott

Born in Sarasota Florida, I have always loved to serve. Growing up in a faith-filled family, my early interest in business and marketing meant that I had to find my own ways of incorporating that servant's heart into my work. I started by obtaining a degree in Business Administration and Communication. When I began my professional career, I landed in sales and business analytics. The corporate world taught me systems I would apply to almost every aspect of my life to remain efficient and effective at any job. But my real success came when I learned to see things from others' perspectives and that doing so not only built a relationship of trust but also a foundation for success. Most of the time, my clients need to be heard and understood first. They want to know that I'm not interested in selling them a home; I'm interested in guiding them through a major life transition. I'd much prefer to put their needs first and find ways of helping them flourish. Real estate is just the vehicle for that. When I'm not serving people through the process of real estate transactions, I'm spending time with my amazing wife Twyla watching a great movie. Our children bless us with their own servants' hearts, one currently serving in the United State Air Force and another literally serving hearts as a cardiovascular nurse. And our third child is a 15-year-old Yorkie named Scottie Scott who believes himself to be a rottweiler. I also enjoy music, singing, and even the occasional golf game.

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