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Yuliya Chou Chan

Born in Ukraine, it wasn't unusual for my family to lack electricity, food, and transportation. With no money for education, my mother did everything she could to provide for me and foster my dream of becoming a lawyer. At 17, I was blessed with an opportunity to move to Israel and go to college. I immediately accepted the blessing and four years later, I graduated with a law degree. I became a criminal lawyer and honed my attention to detail and legal, critical thinking. My passion was in helping my clients understand what they were signing, understand the law in their own language (I speak Ukrainian, Russian, and Hebrew), and learn the details of their case they may not have considered.

At 35, I met my husband in Israel. An American in the armed forces, he asked me to marry him and we were betrothed on Cypress. We decided to move to the United States and, initially, I wanted to continue practicing law. My husband and I built a beautiful home in Yulee and as we did, I began to fall in love with the process of creating what "home" feels like. Upon learning that practicing law in the United States would require a second degree after earning my citizenship, I decided to use the skills I learned in the legal system, as well as my newfound love of creating a home, and apply them to real estate. I obtained my real estate license and immediately went to work.

I like to understand people at a deep level, learning what makes them tick and what brings them joy. I also appreciate every walk of life I get to work with. I've lived with almost nothing, I've worked incredibly hard to build a life, and now I have a beautiful lifestyle in a country that makes me want to kiss its soil. I am so proud to be an American.

No matter your budget, I can help you find a home.

When I'm not working in real estate, I love visiting my incredible adult daughter in Israel named Maya, spending time with family and friends by the river in Yulee, or snuggling on the couch with my 2 cats and dog, Lexi!

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