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Read Real Estate From Left to Right

If you want to know how things are going

I learned from a wise man once that like a calendar, like a book, you read many things in this country "from left to right." If you want to see how things are going to be, look to the left and you'll see it coming. I always wondered what he meant until the housing bubble began.

Being in Jacksonville, Florida he said, "What's happening in California? What's happening in Las Vegas? What's happening in cities like those comparable in the West? That's what is coming." It did, oh boy, did it ever.

We saw the investors flock in. We saw house flipping. We saw people qualifying for loans that they should've never been able to get. These were reminiscent of the stories we'd

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Short Sales are Targets for the Con

It Can & Does Sound Too Good to be True

So on my way into the office today I heard a radio commercial on a local Jacksonville radio station touching on Realshadow_man_200 Estate. This particular commercial stated broadly that if you are upside down on your home you need to "stop throwing good money after bad" and cut your losses. This part I don't necessarily disagree with although to make it as such a broad statement is scary since every individual and every family's situation is different.

Much like when there is a natural disaster the scam artists come chasing. The housing crisis is no different. One won't have to dig deep to find all kinds of unscrupulous behavior targeting those who are in need of help.

Attached are

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Stand On Their Own

First Time Home Buyers Have to Take a Leap

This morning my wife says to me as my son Aiden climbs across my lap, "We really need to get him to stand up onFirst Time Hombuyer's Walk his own....that is the next step." I reply, "Won't he just do it on his own?" She answered, "Maybe but we're supposed to be his guide." That's when I thought, BLOG POST!

I remember back to when I bought my first home and I was so much like my son Aiden is now and his need to take the leap. It was time to not hang on to the comfort of paying 'rent' and grow. When I was paying rent I could always rely on my landlord to pay for those things 'I didn't know about'. Those mysterious multi-thousand dollar bills that, as a landlord, you knew we're coming. I couldn't afford a

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Professional Photography is the Key Ingredient


There are a lot of studies by independents, websites that cater to real estate and by real estate related organizations that have shown results proving that having better quality photographs help greatly in the sale of homes online. A survey that was done in late 2007 showed that almost 80% of the home sold in 2006, people had started their search for those homes online. It is now 2010 and the National Association of Realtors states that Eighty-Four percent of home buyers say that photos and detailed property descriptions are the most important feature when searching for homes online. With the number of households with a computer and internet access still growing, eventually, everyone will be

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This fine Sunday morning as I was sipping on my locally roasted Sweetwater Coffee and reading the latest installment from the Jacksonville Business Journal i stumbled across an article with this headline: Forgotten subdivisions starting to sell. My background is in commercial real estate and I was always taught that Commercial follows residential by 6-9 months, or more. So if the residential housing market declines, well, commercial will follow.

I think in most cases this is true. It follows a supply/demand theory that can be justified and explained. However, in reading the above article this morning, I think we are in an 'exception to the rule' situation here. What does this mean for you, the buyer/seller????

Fact is: national home builders

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Renters to Pick Up the Slack on HOA Dues?

New Law Effects Renters For Delinquent Landlords

Those who rent face a new threat of eviction now that a Florida law allows HOAs to go after renters, not just landlords, forend_of_the_road_825 delinquent dues and fees. Thus the old days of simply writing a check to your landlord and assuming the 'bills' were paid are long over, if you didn't know that already.

Should the owner fall behind on their HOA dues and the renter doesn't pick them up, the renter now faces the cloud of eviction. In the past, HOAs could and would place liens on property but eviction of the renter for this wasn't in the cards.

Up until now, tenants paid only their rent to their landlords, who were then supposed to pay any fixed expenses like

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Coupons and Housing are Apples & Oranges?

If you didn't know, my wife is an avid couponer. She is on an ever-pressing charge to find a better deal for something "needed" like diapers, wipes, bread, milk, etc. That couldn't stop me from buying the Mr. Steamy yesterday while stopping at Office Max to buy label maker tape. So smart of them to put that "As Seen on TV" stuff on the shelves as it strikes right at the hole in my consumer shield. What's that!? Mighty Putty! ...but I digress.

In the ever pressing charge to cut our personal balance sheets via couponing, slashing the internet service to our homes, reducing the lawn care service to be willing to dust off the lawnmower you owned all along and put it to use, many of us have stopped looking at the

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Including Getting in the Pool Game

Swimming and Owning


Tomorrow, Monday 7/12/2010, my 7.5-month-old son Aiden will be taking his first swimming lesson. I think it'll be more, "FLOAT!!!" than swim but I digress. The child has been a water baby since the day we introduced him to the chilly community pool. The ooohs and ahhhhs from the people that were in the pool belied my fears that he would slip out of my hands, or do a number 2 in the pool that would make it out of his swim diaper. All of these fears were unrealized and he enjoyed the splish-splashing and the attention thoroughly. I, too, perhaps, enjoyed his spotlight as well, "Hey, this is my son....that's right."

Using www.InfantSwim.com and the teacher that lives in our Waterleaf

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We just released this locally here in Jacksonville - but I thought it wise to bring it to the world. So here it is....let us know your thoughts! Please feel free to re-post, but if you do we ask that you keep it in its original form.

<Begin Press Release>


Contact: David Cohen

904-469-SOLD Howard Flaschen Howard@RoundTableRealty.com

Round Table Realty Builds Business on Concept of ‘People Before Property’ Jacksonville real estate entrepreneurs aim to fuse best of traditional industry with high-tech, customer-focused service

Jacksonville, FL (June 14, 2010) – For David Cohen, Howard Flaschen, and Keith Francis, the joy of

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...By The Numbers

Now might be the time to call your CDPE Realtor

Let's get to the facts. According to the numbers from Lender Processing Services homeowners aren't out of the woodscdpelogo_color_name_300dpi_1263 by a long shot:

  • Homeowners who are now 90 days late grew for the 5th month in a row
  • 30 & 60-day delinquencies were up as well
  • Those behind by one payment grew by 10%
  • Those 60 days behind were up by just over 4%
  • The time it takes to go from 30 days late to foreclosure say averaged out at 449 days

That last bullet is the one that sometimes I get the most sideways glances at. "You mean I can live for free in the home for almost a year and half?" Well, who knows how long it'll be but you better cherish it because getting a loan thereafter is going to

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