August 2010

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Inconvenient Progress in Jacksonville, FL

Real Estate is affected NOW by construction for the future

Jacksonville, FL - I can't tell you how many times we'll be driving a customer to see a home for sale only to be stoppedroad_construction_528 in heavy traffic. I am not talking about Rush Hour and I am not talking about a terrible accident. I am simply talking about progress. Inevitably the customer begins to mumble under their breath about the traffic or they simply state that they can't buy a home in this area because it's so 'congested'. Ahhhh, Progress.

See, we Realtors go on to explain what is going on, the 'progress', shall we say, but the customer, on some occasions, only hears the hammering of the huge crane in the far off distance as it drives pilings into

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Awesome Condo in a Great Location

Shortsale with only 1 lender, process underway!

Jacksonville, FL - Great location, must see condo in Jacksonville, FL just a few miles from the ocean and amazingly close to shopping and great schools!

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Give or take a few, 644 eat-out options in Jacksonville, FL

1 Random Review and Real Estate too

Jacksonville, FL - With 5 various locations spread throughout North Florida, the firstpizza_palace_200 review poses falls into the Italian side of things, some of my favorite foods in white and reds.

The Pizza Palace is a Jacksonville original boasting fresh ingredients and award-winning pies: "For several years, Pizza Palace has won the prestigious honor of being named best pizza in the Best of Jacksonville Magazine!" Their original location is in Riverside, 1526 King St., (904) 384-8722 but the restaurant has added locations in Baymeadows, San Marco, 5 Points, and Julington Creek.

"This relaxed, family-owned restaurant serves only

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Jacksonville, FL is the top place to live

...if recreation is a top priority for you and your family

Jacksonville, FL - Parenting Magazine ranked Jacksonville top of its list of the 10 Best Cities for Recreation.downtown-aerial_480

Jacksonville was recognized for offering the best recreational options for families, including abundant park space, sports facilities, and outdoor activities. The magazine noted the city’s 75,235 acres of pools, gardens, beaches, playgrounds, sporting facilities, and lakes.

There are 9,313.39 acres of parkland per 100,000 residents in Jacksonville, according to the magazine.

Jacksonville also ranked No. 75 on the magazine’s list of the Best Cities Overall.

Here are Parenting Magazine’s Best Cities for Recreation list:


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    So Aiden Graduated his Swim Lesson

    & it all took place in my Intracoastal Neighborhood: Waterleaf!

    Jacksonville, Florida - So while we took Aiden to swim lessons the past 5 or so weeks it became clear that they were more like float lessons. This floating may be survival lessons should we ever have the misfortune to have him slip into a pool.

    Perhaps as we hit the heart of the summer, reports say it'll feel like 110 degrees, we should all take a second to think about the water around our house. Its not just pools. Things as dangerous as a pond or a deep creek, a ditch during a rainstorm...all of these can take the lives of our kids.

    These lessons are inexpensive and could be the difference maker.

    During Aiden's graduation swim he was to

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    Comps and listing your home in north Florida

    Things have changed for listing homes in Jacksonville, Florida in just a few short years

    Before you put your home up for sale or think about listing your home, be sure to use the right comparable sales to find the perfect price with your Realtor.


    What price can you sell it for? Usually about as much as the neighbors got with some exceptions. I know, I know, your home is perfect in every way and should be able to be sold for thousands above your neighbor's... I get it. Let's look at facts though and not the fact that your college-age child once took his first steps in front of that fireplace right over there!

    Knowing how much homes similar to yours (the ones that don't have those first

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    FHA Fills in the Details of new Refi Program for shortsales

    Good News for Jacksonville, Florida Home sellers & buyers

    Transcript -

    Hey guys Howard here from Round Table Realty.

    Just wanted to talk to you a little bit about some news that just came out today.

    It looks like the FHA and HUD are rolling out some details in regards to the shortsale refinancing program that is coming out later on in September of this year.

    It looks like, as long as the banks play ball, whats going to happen is the banks are going to be willing to write off about 10% of the principal of the first mortgage and then the FHA is going to provide some incentives for second lien holders to play ball as well.

    This could be a really good way to keep some of the

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    What is it about Mandarin/Bartram Park of Jacksonville, Florida?

    A lot has changed in 20 years

    Bartram Park, Jacksonville, Florida - This neck of the 'woods' is my stomping grounds as my family likes to call theaerial-mandarin-jacksonville-florida_3008 area you grew up in although I didn't do much stomping as I was always undersized until college. Anyways, going back all the way to my childhood this area of Jacksonville was the 'woods'....truly. Keith (my partner at and I used to literally sneak into the nearby cow pasture to do....well who knows what except that a couple of friends of ours swear that the farmer shot at them with Rock salt. Those were the days.

    Back then you couldn't even get on I95 from Old St. Augustine Road and the Bartram area was literally

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    Jacksonville Fl Opens Atlantic Coast High School

    Jacksonville's Southside residents rejoice


    One of the biggest complaints you'll hear from homeowners and prospective residents of Jacksonville's Southside is the lack of High Schools. With so many families raising kids on that side of town it was and is a blossoming problem. However, the area finally is about to unveil its first new High School in many years, Atlantic Coast High School.

    With any new school comes a price tag and this one cost about $77 million. For that value, you get innovation and cutting edge fit and form, with expandable classrooms, a TV studio & a new library. Parents and students should rejoice in the new school and its terrific location for those that will attend.

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