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10 Ways to Make a Small Room Look Larger

November 27, 2010--Most people have one: that room in the house that they wish was just a little larger. What many don't realize is that with a little work and some TLC, they could have exactly what they're looking for.

Here, are 10 designer tricks to help you make any room look larger:

1. For the illusion of a larger room, use a color scheme that is light rather than bright or dark. Pastels, neutrals andfamilyroom_1280 white are all color possibilities.

2. Use a monochromatic color scheme on the furniture, rugs and walls. Select different shades and textures of your single color.

3. Lighting is a key element in opening up a space. Recessed spot lighting is visually appealing and is perfect for a small space. A torchiere

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513 Bay Hollow Ct, St. Johns, FL 32259

St. Johns County Schools but NO CDD!

St. Johns County, FL - You know that beautiful kitchen you're looking for? You know that incredible shower they want? You know that enormous cathedral Florida Room that could hold an army? How about that football field of a backyard? This home has it all and then some. Literally, this home in St. Johns County is the WOW at every corner, Hardwood floors, dramatic ceilings, etc. Well maintained and in the perfect area, you'll be glad you took a look at this Cunningham Creek special. This is not a Shortsale, no complications & NO CDD!


What an amazing Florida Room looking out over

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Pet Odors While Selling a Home

Don't Let it Derail Your Sale

Jacksonville, FL -

Air your house out. While you’re cleaning, throw open all the windows in your home to allow fresh air to circulate and sweep out unpleasant scents.

Once your house is free of pet odors, do what you can to keep the smells from returning. Crate your dog when you're out or keep it outdoors. Limit the cat to one floor or room, if possible. Remove or replace pet bedding.

Scrub thoroughly. Scrub bare floors and walls soiled by pets with vinegar, wood floor cleaner, or an odor-neutralizing product, which you can purchase at a pet supply store for $10 to $25.

Try a 1:9 bleach-to-water solution on surfaces it won’t damage, like cement floors or walls.

Got stubborn pet odors

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Its a Fantastic Jacksonville House

...and she wouldn't have another team by her side

Jacksonville, FL - It was a small box we had to fit and we had to find it somewhat quickly. We needed it to be just right and all of the family members knew it. Well, lets just let them tell ya.

Thanks! We'll keep working hard for ya!
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Mortgage rates are lower than last year.

Lower Rates = Larger Home!

  • 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) averaged 4.17 percent with an average 0.8 point for the week ending November 11, 2010, down from last week when it averaged 4.24 percent. Last year at this time, the 30-year FRM averaged 4.91 percent.

  • 15-year FRM this week averaged 3.57 percent with an average 0.8 point, down from last week when it averaged 3.63 percent. A year ago at this time, the 15-year FRM averaged 4.36 percent.

  • 5-year Treasury-indexed hybrid adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) averaged 3.25 percent this week, with an average 0.7 point, down from last week when it averaged 3.39 percent. A year ago, the 5-year ARM averaged 4.29 percent.

  • 1-year Treasury-indexed

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Do you want to sell your home for more money, well according to a new study by Redfin, a Seattle-based real estate brokerage, Professional Photography does just that. Redfin found in an analysis of more than 100,000 listings in the Boston metro area and Long Island, N.Y., that homes with professional photographs sold anywhere between $934 to $116,076 more than those shot from cheaper, point-and-shoot cameras. That’s probably enough to start making you feel a little insecure about your photographs if you’re not using a professional. What’s more, homes with professional photographs were found, on average, to be viewed 61 percent more online than others in that price range shot with a lower-end camera.

Here at Round Table Realty all of our listings

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Just when you thought that your home inspector is someone you can trust!

When we were building our first home, we hired a home inspector to check out the work in progress. We did this because we wanted peace of mind- surely this trained professional would be much better equipped to catch construction errors than we were. It was our first home being built from the ground up, and we wanted to feel comfortable knowing that nothing would go wrong at the final walk through. However, during our frequent visits to the construction site, we would find discrepancies that our home inspector had missed. Things that were missed were problems such as the double sliding door to the patio was installed upside down; there were even doors placed on the wrong side of

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