December 2011

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My Ode to Diana

Jacksonville, FL - What is an ode? I have no idea if this is one but its a soapbox nonetheless and its a microphone directed at Diana.

Oh, Diana. What you fail to realize when you recount your numbers, when you go on TV and duke it out with theolick_bio_standard_250 talking heads opposite you in the quatro-box or Joe's Octo-box is that you, and so many of the analysts, like Core Logic's people, S&P's etc. is that the housing market, does in fact, get local. Super local. Hyper-local if I may be du jour. So local in fact that it boils down to James and Marie (names changed to defend the innocent).

See Diana, tonight you wrote about the 2 different housing markets and how they are correlated but you leave out so much and

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You may have relocated to North Florida to avoid ever having to scrape ice off of your car windows, salting your sidewalk and shoveling snow from your home's driveway again.

While the last time I can recall seeing snow here in Jacksonville was in the late 1980’s when we made a one tier snowman, we do still experience freezing temperatures at times. You may consider performing a few of these maintenance tasks in order to keep your home in tip top condition; Especially if you are on the path to listing it for sale at the start of the New Year. Here are a few pointers of things you may consider with this rapidly approaching winter:

Irrigation, Hoses and Hose Bibs

Before the first frost you will want to follow these simple steps to ensure that your

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So how affordable are homes for sale in Mandarin right now ? Well to start with lets pick a growing and popular area in Jacksonville Florida. Mandarin homes for sale have been pretty hot lately based on the amount of website leads weaerial-mandarin-jacksonville-florida_3008 receive and homes that are currently under contract. Lets take this home as an example is in the heart of Mandarin and has over 2000 square feet of air conditioned space. Three bedrooms, two baths and a two car garage is a very nice size home. It looks to be nicely remodeled and very updated with its Interior Finishing. The home at this date is listed at $160,000.00 and based on today's average 30year mortgage interest rates from of 4.15% , that gives you a principal & interest amount of $758.32 per month. You

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