February 2012

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Jacksonville's Southside was at one point the hottest area or luxurious Jacksonville homes

Deerwood, Deercreek, James Island, Glen Kernan, and Jacksonville Golf are staging a comeback!

Jacksonville, FL - It has been a while since homebuyer's turned their eyes towards some of the luxurious homees on Jacksonville's Southside since most of them have seen 20 or so years since their heyday. Many of the homes are indire need of updating, renovating, and attention all of which costs money. However, with interest rates so low and the recession seemingly looking to be loosening its grip people are beginning to see the value in buying a home in a great area, near the bottom and taking the time to make the home their own througha wise investment inside.

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There is good news about the outlook of the housing market, and not just for those who buy and sell homes, but for those who build them as well.

new-home-construction_425Two of the nation's top 50 best-selling neighborhoods are in the Jacksonville area.
One year ago at this time, we reported that new home sales were at a 10-year low in Northeast Florida, now they're on the way back up.

"We work hand in hand with homebuilders, and they are certainly seeing the up-tick as well, they are not worried about making ends meet, they can do this full time again," Realtor Howard Flaschen said.

Flaschen is noticing a steady upswing in home construction. The first real up-tick since the housing market unraveled. Two of the countries top selling

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