June 2012

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The Tedders Bought in Oakleaf!

Orange Park, FL - Everyone was waiting and the time is here where the Tedders have finally closed on their brand new home in Forrest Hammock!  The parties and food will be flowing as the Tedders make way for another baby on the way.  The home is big enough and Corey did a great job building it for them.  Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the process for you guys.

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Round Table Realty

Jacksonville, FL - Joel Edwards had a few different Realtors he couldve worked with including some others that were recommended but in the end we're thankful he chose to work with the Round Table.  Im also happy he chose to work with me!  Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to help in yoru transition to Jacksonville!

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In case you didnt know it, this literally may be the best time to buy a home, ever in North Florida.  All the stats show it, the rates defend it, and the prices are awesome.  This quite possibly could be the day of the bottom.

By Diana Olick - CNBC Real Estate Reporter:   For the first time in seven months, home prices as recorded on the S&P/Case Shiller Home price Indices saw month-to month gains. The press release even referred to it as a “spike.” A 1.3 percent rise for the 10 and 20 city composites. When you seasonally adjust, the number dips to 0.7 percent, but it is still in the positive, and these days in housing, that apparently constitutes a spike.

“Some of this is probably because this is the spring selling season really hitting its stride,”

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Jacksonville, FL - No Problem Renee!

Our first outing we found you the perfect home in Ponte Vedra, no problem. Multiple offers, no problem, you win. Great lender, Brian with Fidelity Bank, great rate, great service, no problem. Closing on schedule without delay, no problem. Renee, thanks for letting the Round Table Realty Team be a part of your new home purchase. We love you!


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Thanks Jeff and Kristie,

for winning a multiple offer short sale home on the water. I love buyers who understand that a list price is just that, a list price. When you guys heard there were other buyers interested in the same property you realized bidding list price wasn't going to get you into your new home. You then bid what you felt the home was worth to you and won the bid. You guys were great to work with, enjoy the water front and your new pool.



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