July 2012

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You will be paying more for your Jacksonville home

Luckily Interest Rates Remain Low

Jacksonville, FL - You're not unusual.  You're probably like many many people.  You'd love to buy a home but there's something holding you back.  Perhaps its leftover trepidation from the horrible recession we went through.  Maybe its because you saw someone buy a home during the bubble and have to experience what its like to be tens of thousands of dollars upside down.  Maybe its becuase you want to 'time the bottom'.  There are plenty of reasons but I can address the last reason.... you're late.  At least in north Florida. 

Rarely is there a time like now, where interest rates create a buyer's market while pricing and inventory allow for a seller's market.  You

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Trying to sell your Shortsale?  You need a team...

maybe an army.

Jacksonville, FL - If you've had the unfortunate luck of finding yourself in a shortsale situation it can be one of the most trying times of your life.  You need to steel yourself for what is to come and you need to surround yourself with a team of tried and true veterans of shortsales to help navigate the rough seas ahead.  At the Table, we have such a team.  Lawyers, processors, warriors, all coming together to attempt to help you succeed in reaching your goals.

Avoiding foreclosure is key.  There are so many benefits in looking at your other options and perhaps one of them will ring true for you and yours.  Please, reach out before its too late.

We have a ton of success stories

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Homebuyers have to get their hands a lil dirty

Jacksonville, FL - The homebuying market is starting to get a bit thin.  Inventory is dropping a ton and prices are stable if not climbing in some cases so a buyer needs to be steeled for aggression.  Quick decisions and execution is more important than ever.

Thats exactly what it takes and what my fabric is built for.  When my customer's were in a multi bidding situation this weekend we had to get awfully creative to find the right price and the right deal.  So using digital paperwork, Ipads, creative contract proposals, and a terrific rapport with the other Realtor we were able to put ourselves in a position to be the best deal for all parties.  It doesnt work all the time, sometimes seller's can be put

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