October 2012

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#1. A mortgage is a home loan.

Nope. A mortgage is actually the piece of paper that gives a bank the right to take back your home if you fail to pay the home loan. A minor detail, but we're surprised how often "mortgage" and "home loan" are used interchangeably, when in fact they aren't the same thing. You don't truly pay off a mortgage - you pay off a home loan, which "voids" the mortgage at the end.


#2. My loan matures when my term ends.

You could be forgiven for thinking so, but not necessarily. The term of a loan is the length of time your lender uses to calculate your monthly payments. Most loans mature (that is, come due) at the end of their terms. An

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New Homes Get Their Cool Back

Jacksonville, FL - So just a short while ago the soup du jour was finding a shortsale or foreclosure and picking it up for a steal.  Steal being subjective but there were enoughNew homes Jacksonville Florida homes out there to be able to end up with with one.  Albeit the home you were buying might need a new roof, some updating, to be rid of that circa 1970 stove, and some WDO repair, most were happy because they got a foreclosure or a shorty.  Well times, they are a changin'

Now that builders are leaner, more efficient, more attractive, and competitive its becoming cool again to step into some model homes while looking for a new home.  Builders are offering many of the upgrades, tremendous pricing, awesome amenities and peace of mind that makes them

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Closing on your new home will try your patience...

Steeled nerves, flexibility and a good sense of humor will keep you sane

Jacksonville, FL - Its becoming more and more inevitable that you are just simply going to miss your closing date.  I know I know, that's just a horrible sentiment to have but by planning for this eventuality you can keep your hair and your nails and know that while you might not be closing on that pre-planned Friday, you will likely be eventually closing.

Its not fair and there are a plethora of reasons why it's not going to hit on the date everyone wants but alas there is likely not much you're going to be able to do but simply laugh and drink a cold one.  Simply put, the entire market is overwhelmed.

Its not just that

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