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Photo Credit: you're moving to the Jacksonville, Florida area and you love parks, you may need to take a year off from work to discover the more than 250 parks throughout the area. In total, there are 262 parks in Jacksonville, not including the many recreation and community centers.

This is the largest urban park system found in the country and over 80,000 acres of space is dedicated to community parks. Most of these parks are preservation parks, such as Reddie Point Reserve, but many are city parks, as well.

The good news for new residents, there will certainly be a park near wherever you choose to settle. However, living near one of the top parks will provide a better experience than choosing a new home and just hoping a good park is located close by. Here

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One of the greatest things about living in Jacksonville, Florida is the weather. You can enjoy a waterpark, the beach and many outdoor activities just about every day of the year. Yes, there are a few colder days here and there, but for the most part, the sun is shining and the temperatures are perfect.

The great weather makes it possible to enjoy Adventure Landing's Shipwreck Island most days out of the year. This is one of the top attractions in the area and provides an alternative to the beach.

The half-million gallon wave pool is one of the main attractions, along with the Little St. John's river and the four water slides. You can enjoy an entire day here and make sure to ride all four slides including:

  • Hydro Half-Pipe
  • Eye of the Storm
  • The
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Jacksonville is making real estate headlines again because it's one of the top cities in America with a big foreclosure problem.

Florida is actually the state with the most foreclosed homes.

However, a new report from RealtyTrac indicates this is partially because of some positive growth.

Foreclosures in Florida have to go through the courts because it's a judicial state, and that can be a very slow process. Because of the way Florida operates, lenders have been so backlogged with homes in foreclosure and now more are turning to auctions which experts say is a good thing.

It's something thousands of people in Florida dealt with in October, foreclosure. One in every 332 homes received some kind of foreclosure notice, but the

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Regal TheatreCatching the latest blockbuster or an independent film is a great way to spend an afternoon or night out. This is a great way to deal with one of those rainy days or just to enjoy some popular entertainment. Here are the best movie theaters found throughout the Jacksonville area.

San Marco Theatre - 1996 San Marco Boulevard

This is an older theater that opened back in 1938. It was designed by Roy Benjamin and the architecture is absolutely amazing. Currently, it's independently owned and they show many independent films with the occasional new release mixed in.

AMC Regency 24 - 9451 Regency Square Boulevard

With 24 screens and the hottest new releases, this AMC Theater is one of the most popular in the city. It’s found in the Regency Square Mall

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As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Jacksonville, San Marcos is a great choice for many relocating to the area. It dates back to the 1800s and is found south of Downtown Jacksonville. This area used to be just a farming community and it was originally named Oklahoma.

After the construction of many Mediterranean-style buildings, the area's name became San Marcos. Many of these original buildings are still standing and the name was taken from the area in Venice known by the same name.

At the center of the area, San Marcos Square is found with plenty of great restaurants, a small park and a number of unique boutiques and shops. Some of the shops in the area are very well-known, along with many of the restaurants winning awards every year. The San Marco

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Finding the best shopping in your new city is important. You need to be able to shop, enjoy dinner or take in a movie whenever you feel the urge. Here are some of the top shopping centers and malls throughout Jacksonville.

The Jacksonville Landing

This u-shaped market provides around 40 stores and restaurants for your shopping experience. It's found in the St. Johns River Downtown area of the city. This shopping area provides a two-level courtyard with a fountain. You will find more than just shopping here with a number of events held here every year. This is also a popular place for bars and nightclubs.

The Avenues Mall

One of the most popular malls in Jacksonville, The Avenues Mall provides over 150 stores. It's located at the intersection of

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Elementary SchoolEven though Duval County isn't rated as the top place for schools, there are still some that make it to the top of some lists. The county, on the whole, is rated towards the bottom of the Florida counties for schools, but the bright spots are very bright. Four of the top high schools in the country are found in Jacksonville, along with some very highly rated elementary schools.

Top Jacksonville Elementary Schools

Whether you prefer a charter school or a public school, you can find a top elementary school for your kids in Jacksonville. Here are some of the best choices.

John Stockton Elementary School

With 530 students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade, this is a ten-star school. Both Great Schools and School Digger rated John Stockton

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Historic Springfield DistrictLiving in Jacksonville is much easier when you choose the neighborhood that fits you best. In 2010 the Historic Springfield District was named the South's best comeback neighborhood by Southern Living magazine. This area of the city has gone through a massive restoration and preservation effort, which started in 1974.

After being established in 1869, the area started to come alive after the 1901 fire. Most of the downtown area was destroyed during this fire, but it did lead to a massive construction boom in Springfield.

Prairie-style architecture is found throughout the area and Henry J. Klutho is one of the architects responsible for many of the buildings in the area. He was honored for his accomplishments when a park was named for him. In 1987, this

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