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Do you know what your Jacksonville home is worth?

Probably more than you think

The market has changed dramatically in Jacksonville over the last 10, 5 and even 2 years and its easy to have lost track of what your home might be worth today.  Moreso, it is almost certainly worth more than it was just a few short years ago.  Find out here what its worth in just a few short steps.

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10 Shortsale Curveballs

Sellers Need an Experienced Team of Hitters

Jacksonville, FL - There are so many curveballs in the shortsale process that without an experienced team of hitters on your side the odds of having a succesful shortsale simply drop dramatically.  The list is long:

  1. Contract pricing versus the Lien Holder's BPO
  2. Who does the BPO?  Is it adequate?
  3. Who will do the challenge if its poor?
  4. Who is pushing through the paperwork?
  5. Who is contacting the lienholder/servicer for updates?
  6. Are the HOA dues current? If not how much is the deficiency?
  7. Who will pay the arrears?  Was that covered on the Prelim HUD?
  8. Is the contract on the home contingent on financing?
  9. Are there appraisal repairs needed?  Who will pay for them?
  10. What
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New Construction Walkthroughs

What you should expect and demand

St. Johns County, FL - So you bought a new home from a buiilder and its time for your "First Walk".  This walk is called a couple of different things by different people but in essence its the walkthrough that is done approximately a week prior to closing. This is where the builder has invited you to come to the home, ask questions and point out things that you want fixed or remedied prior to your final walkthrough, which is generally the day of closing.

The reason why the First Walkthrough is where you need to be prepared and buying new construction in St. Johns Countyhave your gameface on is that generally the builder is going to point to this walkthrough as the guide you gave them to satisfy you.  If you try to add things

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50 Things Buyer's Worry About when Buying New

Some Big, Some Small, all Important

  1. What price can we afford?New homes in Jacksonville - St. Johns county
  2. Do we have enough saved up?
  3. When do we need to be in by?
  4. How far can we live from Family?
  5. How far can we live from Work?
  6. How far can we live from {blank}?
  7. What communities are around there?
  8. What Builders are in there?
  9. What Builders will do the best job?
  10. What is available now?
  11. Are there deals on what's available now?
  12. What incentives are there for me to buy now?
  13. What homesites does the available inventory sit on?
  14. What sizes are the homes that are available now?
  15. How many bedrooms does the home have?
  16. What direction does the home face?
  17. What's behind these available homes?
  18. What's next to them?
  19. What color is their
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Jacksonville Zoo - Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/scubabix/8019747376/

Jacksonville, Florida is full of great things to do for both adults and kids. Finding the right family-friendly activities is very important. Whether you're living on a budget or you can go all out, you can find something to enjoy as a family. Here are some of the top choices.

Adventure Landing

With plenty of kid-friendly activities, Adventure Landing is one of the top choices for families in Jacksonville. Enjoy all types of fun from go-cart racing to laser tag and more. Adventure Landing opens daily at 10am and provides plenty of fun throughout the day. Saturdays they run a $10 special, which includes miniature golf, arcade tokens and laser tag.

Museum of Science and History

Found on the Museum Circle in Jacksonville, the Museum of Science and

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Golf CoursePlenty of golf courses are found throughout Jacksonville, Florida. Some of the courses are championship clubs, while others are shorter. If you prefer spending time on an executive golf course, you need to know where the top choices are in Jacksonville, Florida. Here are the best choices.

Palm Valley Golf Club & Practice Range - 1075 Palm Valley Road, Ponte Vedra Beach

This little course is perfect for taking the kids or for beginners. It has 9 holes and provides enough challenge to allow the most skilled golfer to enjoy the round. You can work on your short game or just get a feel for the game here. It's less than $10 to play and you can replay for just $1.

Along with the course, Palm Valley provides a practice range and a large putting green. This

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Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/scubabix/5207590007/Finding an old treasure can be a fun experience and antique shops provide one of the best places to start digging. The best antique shops have a little bit of everything. Here are a few great choices for your treasure hunt in Jacksonville, Fl.

Sugar Bear Antique Mall - 3047 Julington Creek Road

With over 10,000 square feet of items, this is one of the best antique malls in the area. You will find over 150 dealers her with a variety of times including books, garden items, jewelry, kitchenware, glass and so much more.

Mary's Imports - 5062 West Beaver Street

If your treasure hunt includes looking for incredible furniture, this is your place. They carry all kinds of choices including mahogany, oak and cherry finishes. You will find sofas, dining room

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ParkJacksonville, Florida is known for the massive amount of natural area found throughout. The city is home to a number of parks, which make for a great place to spend the day, enjoy an activity or just get out in the sunshine. Here are some of the top parks found in Jacksonville.

Fort Clinch State Park - 2601 Atlantic Avenue, Fernandina Beach

History buffs will love this park because of the true-to-life depiction of the Civil War Union Soldiers and how they lived. It's found near the ocean and contains more than 1,000 acres of picnic areas, campsites, hiking trails, beaches and a fishing pier.

Metropolitan Park - 1410 Gator Bowl Boulevard, Jacksonville

Metropolitan Park is home to the Jacksonville Jazz Festival every year and provides riverfront

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