April 2019

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It's not easy to accurately price your home for sale.

Too high and it won't get offers. Too low and you leave money on the table. Having a Realtor who can expertly price your home for you can often get you far more than you would have if you tried to price and sell it yourself! At Round Table Realty, our goal is to price your home fairly, sell it quickly, and keep the transaction smooth. But the trouble starts when clients don't entirely understand the method of pricing a home, and this usually happens when an agent does not explain the process clearly, step-by-step.

The first step to pricing a home properly is to do a competitive market analysis. Your listing agent should have done this prior to even signing with you. Taking into consideration…
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There are currently more than a million Realtors in the United States. That’s the same number of people living in Jacksonville and the beaches! It’s a huge number, and it leaves clients wondering how on Earth to choose one.

Most people know now that they can’t safely complete a transaction without a real estate professional because of the sheer number of tedious, legal hoops there are to jump through. But they don’t have any clue how to audit a Realtor, and so often they end up choosing a friend or family member so that they will “get the commission” (which might be the worst thing they could do!).

How does Round Table Realty choose agents?

Here at Round Table Realty, we’re obviously very picky. Our method for choosing our own agents always

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