May 2019

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Every brokerage has the right to define their own culture and values. Some prefer to help as many buyers and sellers as possible, while others take a more boutique approach to focus on clients with specific needs. There is no right or wrong, and it’s one of the reasons why choosing the right Realtor could literally be the difference between an incredible transaction or a terrible experience.

All brokerages also have the right to hold binder deposits for their agents’ clients. They do not have to, but doing so has some major benefits. Recently, Round Table Realty broker Howard Flaschen shared a story about holding a binder that literally changed the lives of two RTR clients.

What is a binder?

A Real Estate binder or escrow binder is any

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Thinking About Selling Your Home?

Whether you’ve sold homes in the past or this is your first home sale, you know that it’s probably not going to be a breeze! Selling can be a pretty overwhelming step! Occasionally, the sale of a home happens quickly and with very little preparation. But usually, there are many things that need to happen before you even list it.
Selling your home starts months before you actually list it. You have to fix major issues (or be ready to take a hit on your sale price), spruce the place up, and make sure your curb appeal is on point. Then get that sign in the front yard, ensure it’s marketed correctly, and be ready for people to walk around your most personal spaces trying to decide if they can see themselves there!

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In the family tree of real estate, the Brokerage is the top branch. As you move down the tree you find the brokers, the other real estate agents, and the support staff. Finally, the clients they serve are all standing beneath waiting to catch a piece of fruit.

Realtors must hang their license from a branch on a Brokerage’s tree, but the Realtor gets to choose the tree that feels best to them. They can choose a tree and later decide to choose another tree.

A majority of the incredible agents that join Round Table Realty come from other brokerages. Very rarely does a recent graduate of real estate school join us because we typically require a certain amount of experience so that our clients get to work with the best of the best. But when they come

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