5 Notes Regarding New Construction Walkthroughs

Posted by Howard Flaschen on Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 at 8:09am.

New Construction Walkthroughs

What you should expect and demand

St. Johns County, FL - So you bought a new home from a buiilder and its time for your "First Walk".  This walk is called a couple of different things by different people but in essence its the walkthrough that is done approximately a week prior to closing. This is where the builder has invited you to come to the home, ask questions and point out things that you want fixed or remedied prior to your final walkthrough, which is generally the day of closing.

The reason why the First Walkthrough is where you need to be prepared and buying new construction in St. Johns Countyhave your gameface on is that generally the builder is going to point to this walkthrough as the guide you gave them to satisfy you.  If you try to add things later that you "missed" at this walkthrough generally it can be a cause for confusion, frustration and unhappiness so what can you do to make sure that you leave this walkthrough satisfied and the builder with confidence that they will be able to make you happy:

1.  Take a Round Table Realtor with you or at least a Realtor with an experienced set of eyes.  You'll need them and be thankful when something is pointed out that you wouldve missed.

2.  Like a book, move left to right starting at the Front Door, following the walls inside the home saving islands for the last part of a room.  This will prevent you from missing anything.  There will be distractions and things that will pull you away from this determined approach but its critical to the success of your walkthrough that you stay on the path.

Builder Blue Tape3.  Make sure that everything is either marked using "blue tape", written on a Punch Sheet, or marked by the Builder Rep. using a key on the drywall.  If one of these things are not being done or you don't trust your builder to be accountable, stop the walkthrough and wait for the builder to resolve the disconnect even if it means on a different day.

4.  Do not let things be explained away as Industry Standard or the way its supposed to be.  This is where I come in but, on your own, you have to be able to stand your ground and demand that you're new home and every single component in it, including the cosmetics, be new...not lighlty used by the contractors working on your home.

5.  Finally start inside the home, progress to the exterior walkthrough, finish inside the home in the kitchen where there's plenty of counter space to review how things have gone and you get a chance to reiterate your expectations.

The easiest thing for you to do is bring a Round Table Agent with you from the start.  That way you have a trained professional with you every step of the way, from contract, design appointments, walkthroughs and closing.  Its Free and it quite possibly could be the best advocate you can get through the process as the builder Site Agent is an employee of the builder.  

Buying new can be a treat however being unprepared can make it one of the most frustrating experiences of your life.  Allow an RTR agent the opportunity of working with and for you... You'll be glad you did.

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