50 Things Buyer's Need to Worry About when Buying New Construction

Posted by Howard Flaschen on Friday, February 14th, 2014 at 9:43pm.

50 Things Buyer's Worry About when Buying New

Some Big, Some Small, all Important

  1. What price can we afford?New homes in Jacksonville - St. Johns county
  2. Do we have enough saved up?
  3. When do we need to be in by?
  4. How far can we live from Family?
  5. How far can we live from Work?
  6. How far can we live from {blank}?
  7. What communities are around there?
  8. What Builders are in there?
  9. What Builders will do the best job?
  10. What is available now?
  11. Are there deals on what's available now?
  12. What incentives are there for me to buy now?
  13. What homesites does the available inventory sit on?
  14. What sizes are the homes that are available now?
  15. How many bedrooms does the home have?
  16. What direction does the home face?
  17. What's behind these available homes?
  18. What's next to them?
  19. What color is their paint scheme?
  20. What are the home's on either side going to be?
  21. What amenities are in the community?
  22. What are the fees in the community?
  23. Is that an HOA?
  24. Is that a CDD?
  25. Does it have both?
  26. Is there a chance at having the CDD paid off by the builder?
  27. Where is the amenity center located?
  28. Does it cost to rent it out for events?
  29. Does the community make memberships available to non-residents?
  30. What are the parking restrictions in the community?
  31. Is the HOA controlled by the developer?
  32. Is the CDD well funded?
  33. Are there any current lawsuits?
  34. Who are your preferred lenders?
  35. What are the incentives to use them?
  36. What is the warranty?
  37. Building from scratch, what are the available homesites?
  38. What are the plans we can choose from and are they limited to some homesites?
  39. What do they back up to?
  40. What is the grading on the homesite going to be like?
  41. What is the home's setback?
  42. What will be in the yard for utilities?
  43. Will there be a sidewalk on this homesite?
  44. Will there be an individual mailbox or clustermailbox?
  45. Does the home's irrigation use city water or reclaimed water?
  46. What are the available elevations for the home on this site?
  47. Which side of the home will the garage be on?
  48. What are the home's on either side of this one going to be?
  49. Will the front window(s) have mullions?
  50. What will the front door be made of?

And we havnt even stepped inside a home yet!  The total list might be hundreds long!

Still dont think a Realtor will be helpful when buying New Construction in Jacksonville or St. Johns County?

Why wouldn't you have one on your side?!  They're free and they aren't employed by the builder like the site agent is.

Call or email a Round Table Agent today where most of our agents worked as site agents for homebuilders in the past, bringing an experience level to your side of the table that would be incredible.

You need a Realtor BEFORE you start touring and trying to explore this stuff yourself.  Once you're under contract, you are too late to get yourself this advocate so before stepping foot into the waters get yourself a Lifeguard on Duty.  Call a Round Table Agent today!

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