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I had big plans to post a Vblog introducing myself to.....myself. Then this fell into my lap and I couldn't resist the urge to stitch it together and get it out. Enjoy your weekend!!!

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Don't Stop the Flood

The Senate needs to act on passing the Flood Insurance Program's extension


I've heard it time and again about the dysfunction on Capitol Hill but rarely does it strike at the center of our economy at the time and rarely does it seem so poorly timed.

Right now the National Flood Insurance Program is, well, lapsed and if nothing short of a play to the ironic, it occurred the same day hurricane season began, June 1st, thus no new policies can be issued, which means many a new home loan is being held up.

Now the program has been underwater (pun intended) since Hurricane Katrina resulted in $16.1 billion dollars in claims and has been under the microscope ever since. Maybe rightfully so but it doesn't change the fact that

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Entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to start your own real estate brokerage after so very many years of plying your expertise as an employee, you quickly learn, isn't enough.

What about a name? Are you going to name it simply after yourself? Have you checked for the URL on the Internet? There are so many things that you have to check and stumbling block after stumbling block before you've got out of the blocks. What sounds good one day will absolutely feel awful the next. Remember, you have to be able to say the name and have it mean so much to you. It seems easier than it is.

Now what about a logo. Open up Microsoft Word and try to make a logo. Terrible. Then you decide to save some money and go to an online clearinghouse to have a logo

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say_what_400Round Table Realty Ready to Launch!

As soon as some final issues get resolved we should be able to launch the era of the Round Table. Finally, after years of working for the corporation, we can now cut out the 'guides', remove the 'system', and simply give customers what they want, expect, and deserve. No longer will we have to "say 'no' first" before the 'man' will do what should be done. We can do what should be done from the start. The Round Table is refreshing, innovative, unique, energized, multifaceted, team-oriented, customer centric, and fun! The Round Table is not just the place you want to work with, it could very well be the team you want to join. There is nothing better than waking up, wanting to go to work, and enjoying what you do. We

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When we have our Friends and Family night we want to make sure that they know just how much care we put into asking them to trust us with their good name. We want to be sure that they know that we take great pride in our level of service and will care for their reputation just as much as we strive to build ours. Hence their RTR card holder:




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