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Jacksonville has some incredible independently owned coffee shops!

Jacksonville has some incredible independently owned coffee shops!


Twisted Compass Brewing Co.

Being the first of its kind in the Fruit Cove area, Twisted Compass Brewing Co. specializes in craft coffee, but they are so much more than a coffee shop. Not only do they sell locally roasted coffee beans, they also have awesome smoothies, delicious baked goods, and non-coffee choices, too. Twisted Compass Brewing Co. is owned and operated by two local families that have a passion for community and coffee, and they have brought that love and passion to Fruit Cove!

 Menu items to try:

  1. The Twisted Drip- a combination of drip coffee and a double shot of espresso.
  2. Matcha Latte- Organic Matcha from Japan.
  3. Fit Fab Food Cake Pops-
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What are Realtor Commissions & are they Negotiable?


Real estate commissions are a percentage of the final sales price that is paid to the Realtor representing the transaction for either the buyer or the seller.  Sometimes the commission on the sale of a home is 6%, which means 3% goes to the seller’s Realtor and 3% goes to the buyer’s Realtor. The Realtor splits that commission with his/her brokerage, and that amount varies by the brokerage. Sometimes, Realtors are asked to negotiate their commissions with their clients. While a Realtor can negotiate their commissions, it begs the question… 

How does your Realtor earn commission?

  1. You probably wouldn’t go to court without a lawyer. Realtors know the contracts and the home buying

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Your Realtor should be an expert in pricing your home for sale! Many factors go into determining your home’s listing price, but using a few specific details and some strategy, you might be surprised what a good Realtor can help you earn for your home. Here are a few of the first things your Realtor should look for:

  1. Comps

The location of your home will also help your Realtor identify which homes have recently sold and whether or not they might affect the list price of your home. If your home is similar to a home two blocks over that sold for $250,000, you can guess that your Realtor will not suggest you list it for $315,000! Most Realtors have access to proprietary programs that help them use these comps to narrow down your home’s

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single agency

In Florida, Realtors can have three different relationships with the people they’re serving. Those three relationships are transaction broker, single agent, and no-brokerage agreement. 

Think of it in terms of a football game. A single agent is a team coach. They are there to guide their team using all the experience and information they have, minute by minute, to a victory. The single agent is tasked with helping their team win.
A transaction broker is a referee. They are there to ensure both teams play by the rules. The transaction broker maintains that the game is played in its entirety and the results are recorded. 

By default, all Florida Realtors are transaction brokers. They must deal honestly and fairly, account

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what is a home appraisal

When purchasing a home, buyers usually borrow money from a lender to pay for it. A lender must feel confident that they’re lending the amount of money the home is worth or less. So after the home goes under contract, the lender sends a third party appraiser to the home whose job is to professionally inspect and determine the actual value of the home. This person isn't an inspector; he or she isn't looking for damage that you should be aware of. This person is attempting to determine what your home is worth as it is today.

The appraiser might look at recently sold homes in the area, square footage, acreage, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, and other upgrades/assets of the home to come up with a value. 

If the appraisal comes in over the pending

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Finding a home to rent in NE Florida right now is like finding a needle in a haystack. Home sales are on the rise and landlords everywhere are selling their homes to cash out the equity. That means even the homes that are for rent are often being sold and renters are left to house hunt again.
What most renters don’t realize is that they might actually be better off buying a home in today’s market than continuing to try and rent, even with home prices on the rise. They think they can’t because they don’t have a down payment, they can’t afford the mortgage, and they won’t be able to find a house in the current market. While these can be true, they aren’t always true and oftentimes renters are shocked that they actually can save money by buying. 


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St. Johns County School Districts once again lead the pack in the Florida Standards Assessments once again! 

Numbers released in July 2021 by the state Department of Education show that St. Johns County once again led all 67school districts statewide in grade proficiency level and individual subject testing. This news comes amid one of students and teachers’ most challenging learning environments with constant interruptions to instruction during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Not all categories were an improvement. Math scores did fall just slightly from 2019-2021, however those scores still left the district in 2nd and 3rd place compared with other districts’ declines.
"Still, to imagine what we were dealing with at every level with so many variables,

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Homeowners Insurance

When buying a new home, buyers are considering home price, taxes, and HOA/CDD fees. It is rare that you’ll hear a home buyer ask their Realtor, “Will homeowners insurance greatly affect my monthly payment?”

Prior to 2019, homeowners insurance was a typical, somewhat predictable number for home buyers. While it fluctuated, it was rarely a deal-breaker when it came to completing the purchase of a home. But today, homeowners insurance in Florida is a wild card.

Hurricane Irma in 2017 began a downward spiral in the homeowners insurance industry. Huge claims paid out during the years following meant that insurance companies were strapped for cash. On top of that, lawsuits exploded. Lawyers have the ability to charge homeowners insurance companies far

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St. Augustine is the oldest city in the country (over 450 years old!). It comes with some incredible Spanish architecture, historical buildings and landmarks like the Castillo de San Marco, not to mention peaceful, sandy beaches! But over the past few decades, the food scene in St. Augustine has grown into something that caters to just about every palette. If you’re interested in buying a home in St. Augustine and you’re a foodie, you’re in for a treat with some of the newer restaurants gracing its shores.

Sainte-George Restaurant is one of the more sophisticated restaurants to come on in the scene in recent years. A blend of American and European cuisines, the hand-crafted dishes look and taste like art! One reason for that is every meal is cooked

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homes for sale in st. johns county

Thinking about buying a house for your family in St. Johns County? Most people who are ready to make the move are interested in learning more about St. Johns County Public Schools. Known for being the top district in all of Florida, St. Johns County schools are also known nationally as being some of the best-ranked both academically and athletically! 

What makes St. Johns County Schools so special? Many of them are rated A and B. School ratings are based on state test scores, graduation rates, SAT scores, and participation in advanced classes. With so many A-rated schools, parents feel confident that their children are getting one of the best public school educations available in the country, and certainly the best in Florida.

In a recent issue

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