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Contingencies, Multiple offers, Highest & Best, and the Escalation Clause

Contingencies, Multiple offers, Highest & Best, and the Escalation Clause


Real estate transactions contain a myriad of words and phrases that your Realtor will readily understand, but you might not immediately recognize. While your real estate agent should explain and define all parts of the contract, not all do. Here are some of the most commonly asked about parts of the contract and real estate transactions!

 What are Real Estate Contingencies?

 In a real estate contract, a contingency is a clause that gives either party, or both parties, the ability to back out of the contract based on certain conditions. The sale of the home or property is therefore contingent, or depending upon, those conditions. There are lots of different

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Jacksonville and surrounding areas have many amazing farmers markets that offer the freshest local produce, handmade crafts, live entertainment, food vendors and so much more.

Jacksonville Farmers Market

 Established in 1938, Jacksonville Farmers Market offers a wide variety of local and imported produce that makes for a unique shopping experience. Jacksonville Farmers Market is Located at 1810 West Beaver St. Jacksonville, FL 32209 . The market is open Monday through Saturday from 7 AM- 5PM and Sunday 9AM-4PM. For more information visit

Orange Park Farmers’ Market

 Orange Park Farmers market is a seasonal market located at 2042 Park Ave Orange Park, FL 32073. This farmers market runs from September to June on the

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 What should I disclose about my property?     (what is it)?

What should I disclose about my property?     (what is it)?


What is a sellers’ disclosure?

 When someone decides to sell the home they own, they are charged with compiling a list of any conditions or facts about the home that could potentially affect its value now or in the future. The sellers’ disclosure is a list of defects the seller knows about, whether they’ve been fixed/updated or not. A seller usually makes this list available to any potential buyer at the time of closing.

 This list doesn’t typically include things a buyer would be able to see or find in an inspection; things a buyer might not find out about a home until they’ve lived in it for a period of time. This might include something like bathroom plumbing that

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Most Popular Neighborhoods in 

St. Johns County.


St. Johns County is one of the most popular places to live in Florida. With a number of top rated schools, resort-style amenities, shopping centers and more, St. Johns County is growing everyday.


Silverleaf Parkway St Johns, FL 32092

 Located between County Rd 210 and State Rd. 16 in St Johns County, Silverleaf has several neighborhoods inside the community with homes in a wide range of styles, sizes and prices. Silverleaf sits on 8,500 acres with several beautiful parks and resort style amenities. Amenities include miles of walking, jogging, bike paths, a fitness center, and a resort-style amenities center with several pools. It is set to be one of the largest

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What's the difference between a realtor and a broker?


What's the difference between a realtor and a broker?


When buying and selling real estate, you can get hit with a lot of terminology! One of the first and most important questions you’ll want answered is whether you’re working with a single agent or a transaction broker. (You can read more about that here!) But it’s also important to know if the person representing you in the transaction is a Realtor or a Broker. First, what’s the difference?


What is a Realtor?

A Realtor is also known as a sales associate. These are licensed real estate professionals who are able to represent buyers or sellers in the purchase or sale of properties. They earn commissions on the transactions they help to close. As real estate professionals, they

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What are HOAs and CDDs?

What are HOAs and CDDs?

 Duval, Clay, and St. Johns Counties all have many pre-planned communities that charge the homeowners HOA or CDD fees. These two fees can feel confusing; what is the HOA money used for and what is the CDD money used for? And why do some communities charge both?

 It’s important to know the difference between these fees and specifically how much they are in each community. Your Realtor should be giving you that information prior to shopping for homes because it could affect your ability to afford a home and its monthly payment.

What is an HOA?

HOA is short for Home Owners Association Fee. This is a fee that is determined by the governing body, or board, of the housing community in which your new home might be located.

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Jacksonville and its surrounding areas have some of the most beautiful locations to capture the perfect family photo.

Top family photo destinations in Jacksonville and surrounding areas.

 Jacksonville and its surrounding areas have some of the most beautiful locations to capture the perfect family photo. 


 Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

829 Riverside Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32207


Located in Jacksonville Florida, the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens is a popular destination for photography. They have several different gardens that have breathtaking views of beautiful flowers and the St. Johns River. The most popular time of year is during spring when the gardens are in full bloom. For more information, contact


Treaty Oak

1207 Prudential Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32207


 Treaty Oak is a huge southern live

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When should you reduce the list price of your home?


When should you reduce the list price of your home?

As most of you know by now, the 2022 real estate market is like none we’ve ever seen in Florida. For a brief period of time, interest rates were lower than they’ve ever been and home prices were still well below that of the rest of the country’s average. But as the desire went up, the inventory began to diminish. This drove home prices up, which caused more people who may not have chosen to sell their homes in 2022 to sell them at a huge profit. 

 It’s a Sellers’ Market

The market is still very “buyer heavy” meaning that there are more people who need homes than there are people who are willing to sell their homes. But that doesn’t mean that every home that hits the market sells

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Best Burgers In Jacksonville


Best Burgers In Jacksonville


Jacksonville has amazing restaurants that offer award winning burgers that will leave even the biggest burger enthusiast speechless.

 1.Dano’s Diner

1487 Mayport Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32233

 Formally Known as Home Plate Diner, Dano’s Diner is one of  the best places to go for great American food. Dano’s Diner serves some of the best burgers named after some of the best baseball greats in history. Not only do they make a great burger, you can also play burger roulette allowing the chef to choose the toppings of his choice for your meal. Hours of operation vary so check out their Facebook page for updates.

2. Carolina Jax

2548 Oak St. Jacksonville, FL 32204

 Described as a down to earth

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​​Marketing with Pro Photography, Video & Floor Plan


​​Marketing with Pro Photography, Video & Floor Plan


Every home listed for sale on the open market goes onto a searchable website called the MLS. This site is accessible only by Realtors but can be shared with you as a client through a separate portal. The listings on the MLS are then sent out to hundreds of other home-listing websites like Zillow and This is the first and most important step to marketing your home; after all, if no one knows your home is for sale, how will they buy it?

 But listing your home for sale in the MLS is not enough. You’ve got to list it right and list it smart!


 It seems simple enough - without pictures of your home, buyers aren’t going to know if they want to see

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