Bartram Park of Jacksonville, Florida... Full circle for this neck of the woods

Posted by Howard Flaschen on Sunday, August 8th, 2010 at 4:43pm.

What is it about Mandarin/Bartram Park of Jacksonville, Florida?

A lot has changed in 20 years

Bartram Park, Jacksonville, Florida - This neck of the 'woods' is my stomping grounds as my family likes to call theaerial-mandarin-jacksonville-florida_3008 area you grew up in although I didn't do much stomping as I was always undersized until college. Anyways, going back all the way to my childhood this area of Jacksonville was the 'woods'....truly. Keith (my partner at and I used to literally sneak into the nearby cow pasture to do....well who knows what except that a couple of friends of ours swear that the farmer shot at them with Rock salt. Those were the days.

Back then you couldn't even get on I95 from Old St. Augustine Road and the Bartram area was literally out of thoughts as was the Baptist South hospital. My how things have changed.

When the addition of the entrance and exit ramps to I95 were added to the mix everything seemed to open up. Not only could you get on the highway quickly and easily but Bartram park also connected Old St. Augustine Road to Racetrack Road which for years caused commuters to the other side of Julington Creek headaches. No longer.

Bartram Parke Road connects the 2 thoroughfares and is dotted with Townhomes and condos offering homebuyers awesome deals and terrific amenities. Looking in this area puts you near the Publix shopping center, Panera, Japanese Steakhouse, Bonos BBQ and its renowned Sweet Tea (if you haven't had it don't or you'll never be able to stop), Chilis, and more. The Poker Room is also just minutes away but be careful not to blow all your money on chasing a river card.

roundtablerealty_logo-stacked_amazing_mail_309The area is tremendous and just this month we found a terrific 2/2 for a family encouraging them to find patience while we beat up the bank on the shortsales, something we've been certified to do. Good schools, good shopping, good location. This area is very different then the 'Mandarin' I grew up in and its two-lane roads, the Jiffy store where I had my fair share of coming home with Jiffy-Foot (the black grime you get on the bottom of your foot when going in to get a drink with no shoes on because you spent all day at the beach), and Clark's Fish Camp (which is still there and packed).

If you're looking for your real estate expert to find you what you're looking for, battle for you during negotiations, and make sure that you're protected, consider a real estate team that literally spent their years 'stomping' grounds in the Bartram/Mandarin area....although stomping is a weird word to claim when you were literally 5'4" in High School.

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