Buying or Selling a home virtually

Posted by Round Table Realty on Thursday, March 3rd, 2022 at 1:31pm.

Buying or Selling a Home Virtually


Buying or Selling a home virtually


During a global pandemic, it is essential that your Realtor has the ability to help you buy or sell a home virtually. While it is ideal to both visit potential new homes in person or allow buyers to see your home up close and personal, it’s not always possible or safe. The first step is to find a Realtor you trust. Your Realtor should be prepared with all the digital tools imaginable to ensure that you get an experience as close to actually being there as you can. And, of course, you’ll need a Realtor who is a Single Agent to you. If you’re not familiar with what that means, please read here!

 Buying a home virtually

 You’d be surprised how many Realtors at Round Table Realty have buyers who didn’t step foot in their new homes until the day of closing. As most buyers do, you can begin shopping for a home online. Round Table Realty has a fantastic online search tool to see the most up-to-date homes for sale. Make a list of must-haves and hard-stops and share those with your Round Table Realtor. Then, of course, share the list of homes you’re interested in seeing. Your Round Table agent can set up a day’s worth of showings to check out all your favorite houses on the list. Your Realtor has several ways of showing you the homes, whether it’s in a video call or a video tour, or any other way that works for you. Round Table Realtors can do virtual tours as well as create floor plans and take you on a live video tour if you prefer.

 If you find “the one,” you can work with your Round Table Realtor to make an offer. Round Table Realtors are experts at negotiating, especially in markets like this one where buyers are at a distinct disadvantage because of low home inventory. Making offers and going under contract virtually must be done safely using online tools that protect your information and identity. Our agents have access to plenty of user-friendly online tools to help, but if you plan on doing this virtually, you will absolutely need regular access to a computer with wifi access.                                                                                                                                                                                        

 The process of passing paperwork and other information back and forth if your offer is accepted will require a computer with wifi access, a printer, and sometimes even a fax machine. A Round Table Agent can walk you through each part of the process over the phone or a video phone call. Can your closing be virtual? Yes! It can! Even a closing can be done on a video call using digital documents. You can literally find and purchase a home, start to finish, without ever stepping foot in Florida!

 Selling a home virtually

 Selling homes without open houses and regular showings was never a consideration until the pandemic of 2020. Realtors had to get creative and find safe ways of selling their clients’ homes without letting too many, or sometimes any, people inside. Of course, the initial paperwork and entering your home onto the MLS are all things your Realtor can do with you over the phone and digitally. However, there’s one step of selling a home that absolutely, 100%, without a doubt requires someone to be there in person - professional photographs! A home’s sales photos are the difference between a potential buyer adding them to their “must-see” list and swiping right. Your Round Table Realtor will offer suggestions and guidance to help you to stage and clean your home for pictures. When it comes to advertising your home, photographs will not be enough if you’re choosing to sell virtually. Your Round Table Realtor can create a 3-D walk-through of your home, as well as a video tour, both of which can be added to the MLS.

 If health is a concern, your Round Table agent can let your photographer in and then sanitize your home when your photographer leaves. Once your home goes to market and the offers begin to roll in, most people will want to see the inside of your home in person. Of course, some buyers might prefer limited interaction for health reasons, or they’re living out of state; they could choose to complete their side of the transaction virtually as well. But, if they don’t, showings can be scheduled at your comfort level and convenience.   

After you go under contract with a buyer, they will have the right to any and all inspections (unless we otherwise specified in the contract). This might be when most people are coming in and out of your home. We can work with the buyers’ agent to schedule these inspections close together so that your home isn’t vacated and sanitized multiple times. The rest of the process including all closing paperwork can be completed virtually. You can move out of your old homes and into your new home with very little interaction, keeping your health front and center!

 The pandemic was difficult for all of us, but it certainly gave way to new and interesting ways of buying and selling homes in the current market. If you are living outside of Florida or you need your transaction to keep your health in mind, reach out to Round Table agent today. We put people before property!



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