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Posted by Howard Flaschen on Sunday, July 11th, 2010 at 1:19pm.

Including Getting in the Pool Game

Swimming and Owning


Tomorrow, Monday 7/12/2010, my 7.5-month-old son Aiden will be taking his first swimming lesson. I think it'll be more, "FLOAT!!!" than swim but I digress. The child has been a water baby since the day we introduced him to the chilly community pool. The ooohs and ahhhhs from the people that were in the pool belied my fears that he would slip out of my hands, or do a number 2 in the pool that would make it out of his swim diaper. All of these fears were unrealized and he enjoyed the splish-splashing and the attention thoroughly. I, too, perhaps, enjoyed his spotlight as well, "Hey, this is my son....that's right."

Using and the teacher that lives in our Waterleaf community, our child will be learning the Self-Rescue method and I will be standing aside, chewing off my fingers. ISR was started in 1966 and has a long history of teaching babies and children how to save themselves. I'd encourage everyone to teach their children how to swim because you don't know what water your child will be around or who's pool will be left unprotected.

Now that Real Estate prices have come down so much, along with the cost of borrowing, many of the home buyers out there will be considering homes with pools long before they thought that that would be an option. For many people, this will be an enticing opportunity and a joyful thing to have, for others it will be a "money pit" and years later you'll hear them restating the old joke that, "it's just a hole in the backyard I keep dumping money into." If you are going to buy a home that has a pool, you should definitely have a Round Table Real Estate Agent with you so that you can be sure it is well inspected and you can be sure just what the anticipated costs will be in owning your own water park along with the residual investment/valuation.

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