Fun Facts and Famous People from Jacksonville, Florida

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Image Credit: you look at the shear land mass size of Jacksonville, it's the largest city in the continental United States. The city covers over 800 square miles, which is larger than any other city. However, it's only the 14th largest city by population in the United States. Here are a few more fun facts about Jacksonville, Florida.

  • Jacksonville is home to the largest US urban park system with over 80,000 acres of parks.
  • Until 1822, the city was called Cowford because of the many cattle found here.
  • The Great Fire of 1901 was the most destructive event in city history. However, the most deadly event was the first at Roosevelt Hotel in 1961.
  • The city is a favorite destination for bestselling author John Grisham
  • The second-largest jazz festival in the country is found here in the Jacksonville Jazz Festival.
  • The city was once known as the "Winter Film Capital of the World" with over 30 movie studios.
  • The first indoor concert performed by Elvis Presley was held at the Historic Florida Theatre in 1957.
  • The oldest skatepark in the country is found here in Kona Skatepark in Arlington.
  • The largest cable-supported bridge in the world is Dames Pointe Bridge, which is found in Jacksonville.
  • Lynyrd Skynyard was born here.

Famous People from Jacksonville

  • Jack Youngblood - Born here and attended high school in Monticello.
  • Bob Hayes - Known as "Bullet Bob," he was known as one of the fastest athletes in the world and played for the Dallas Cowboys.
  • David Duval - Born in Jacksonville and played on the PGA Tour.
  • Chipper Jones - Lived in Jacksonville as a teenager and was a member of the Atlanta Braves.
  • Rick Dees - One of the most popular radio DJs of all time, he was born in Jacksonville.

Many other famous people came from or live in the Jacksonville area, as well.

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