Getting Ready, Should Launch Next Week

Posted by Howard Flaschen on Saturday, June 12th, 2010 at 9:55am.

say_what_400Round Table Realty Ready to Launch!

As soon as some final issues get resolved we should be able to launch the era of the Round Table. Finally, after years of working for the corporation, we can now cut out the 'guides', remove the 'system', and simply give customers what they want, expect, and deserve. No longer will we have to "say 'no' first" before the 'man' will do what should be done. We can do what should be done from the start. The Round Table is refreshing, innovative, unique, energized, multifaceted, team-oriented, customer centric, and fun! The Round Table is not just the place you want to work with, it could very well be the team you want to join. There is nothing better than waking up, wanting to go to work, and enjoying what you do. We hope that you get to experience the Round Table and our website is the first window into us. It was made with you, the customer in mind. We hope it isn't cluttered, difficult, and inaccessible. We thoroughly can't wait to meet you, have you meet us, and build a new spin on the world of real estate!


Howard Flaschen



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