Graduation Swim Lesson for Aiden in Jacksonville's Waterleaf Community

Posted by Howard Flaschen on Friday, August 13th, 2010 at 12:09pm.

So Aiden Graduated his Swim Lesson

& it all took place in my Intracoastal Neighborhood: Waterleaf!

Jacksonville, Florida - So while we took Aiden to swim lessons the past 5 or so weeks it became clear that they were more like float lessons. This floating may be survival lessons should we ever have the misfortune to have him slip into a pool.

Perhaps as we hit the heart of the summer, reports say it'll feel like 110 degrees, we should all take a second to think about the water around our house. Its not just pools. Things as dangerous as a pond or a deep creek, a ditch during a rainstorm...all of these can take the lives of our kids.

These lessons are inexpensive and could be the difference maker.

During Aiden's graduation swim he was to dress in winter clothes. apparently my wife thinks that means winter in Russia while flying a plane but I digress. The points were clear. The heavier the clothes the harder it'll be to save himself. A hood on a shirt or jacket is something that can work against your child's efforts. Finally move to Florida where its warm so you don't have to wear bomber jackets.

Here in Jacksonville, Florida, since prices have dropped pools are popping up more often on more people's home search radar. Its important to note that with a pool comes major responsibility not just in upkeep but in protecting your children and other children from it when not attended.

Here is Aiden getting his float on:

Howard Flaschen



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