Home Inspections - Don't freak out! (Yet!)

Posted by Erin Salem on Monday, June 11th, 2018 at 3:38pm.

Home inspections are one of the scariest parts of the real estate transaction for both sides of the sale. Why? Because we've all heard the horror stories of an entire deal falling apart because of the dreaded home inspection report!

Recently we chatted with BJ Johnson, owner of Inside & Out Property Inspectors, because his is a company our Realtors know well and use often. His thorough inspections, including the use of an infrared camera, keep many invisible issues from hiding. We asked him what a home inspection report is, what details of a report could indicate major problems, and what BJ considers "fixable" issues that he sees in many of the homes he inspects.

While Inside & Out's inspections (like all inspections) are only visual in nature, BJ's experience in new home construction means he has the eyes to spot potential problems others don't. His goal with each inspection is to notice visual cues like water stains on the ceiling or baseboards peeling off the walls. These could signal big problems down the line. 

Some of the most common items listed on Inside & Out's inspection reports are wood decay. Here in Florida, we are almost constantly in a moist environment. Wood trim, especially on the outside of a home, is going to give way to wood decay eventually. But that's usually a pretty easy fix, and not something that should raise big red flags.

When BJ and his team at Inside & Out do point out potential big red flags in the home inspection report, it's almost always safety-related. BJ's biggest concerns are usually things like electrical wiring and wire splicing, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and indications of hidden moisture he can see using his infrared camera. While these might not be expensive issues to fix, they can put you and your family in danger and even make it difficult to acquire homeowners insurance! 

No matter what, inspection reports scare people! But with a Round Table Realty agent and folks like BJ Johnson from Inside & Out Property Inspectors on your side, you can bet that (as BJ says), “Everything is fixable!”




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