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Posted by Erin Salem on Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 at 11:25am.

"Just up the street from me there is a beautiful, 5 bedroom/4 bathroom home with lots of space and a beautiful layout. But I was shocked when I actually walked through the home. There were so many thing I would have changed to help the home show better. Sometimes a listing agent doesn't explain the importance of a few basic upgrades and house-cleaning issues to the homeowner prior to listing a home, and sometimes a homeowner just doesn't listen because they believe they know better than the agent. At this point that home has been on the market over 100 days..."
-An RTR Agent


We see it happen more than we'd like - beautiful homes sitting on the market because an agent didn't do their job or a homeowner is afraid to take their agent's advice. Homes might not sell for tons of reasons, but there are about 20 items Round Table Realty agents check and address with their homeowners prior to listing a home because they've researched the market and they know what buyers are looking for. If you're getting ready to list your home, you need an agent who can run through a similar list with you and help you decide what's most important to fix/upgrade prior to putting your home on the market. 
Fixes and upgrades can range from thousand-dollar investments to a few hours of prep time on a weekend. Here are three that we almost always recommend to our homeowners:


1. Grout and caulk - The caulking around your windows and the grout in your shower tile are probably not on your list of "must-replace" items, but you'd be shocked how many buyers are noticing them. "It just makes the whole place feel dirty," one buyer said to us recently. Both grout and caulking are fairly easy to replace and if you aren't home improvement inclined, a local handyman should be able to take care of it for you. You might be surprised at how this simple step freshens up a home!


2. Window treatments - Curtains can make a room feel modern and sleek or they can make a room feel like you're visiting your grandmother. Window sills, decorations, and treatments give a home huge curb appeal when they're fresh and clean. Give the sills a fresh coat of paint inside and decorate with simple house plants. Replace old curtains with modern, updated versions and consider the height of your curtains as well! Short curtains can make a room look smaller.


3. Appliances - Of course, replacing old appliances with new ones is a suggestion almost any agent would probably make. If that investment isn't possible, it's so important that your agent insist you do the next best thing: clean your appliances! Wipe down the inside of your refrigerator, run the cleaning cycle on your oven and wipe it out, clean cook tops or replace burner pans, and clean those kitchen sinks!! Replacing smaller things like modern cabinet handles or installing a new faucet at your kitchen sink can also make a world or difference.


And that's just three of the many ways you can improve the possibility of selling your home! Round Table Realty agents have many more tricks up their sleeves, and they can give you specific ideas for improving the look and cleanliness of your home prior to listing it. Whoever you hire to help sell your home, ask the agent what they suggest you do to help your home sell faster and closest to asking price. They should have lots of questions for you and plenty of suggestions. If they don't, you might consider interviewing more agents! 

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