It appears that home inspectors in Florida do not require any formal licensing to perform home inspections!

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Just when you thought that your home inspector is someone you can trust!

When we were building our first home, we hired a home inspector to check out the work in progress. We did this because we wanted peace of mind- surely this trained professional would be much better equipped to catch construction errors than we were. It was our first home being built from the ground up, and we wanted to feel comfortable knowing that nothing would go wrong at the final walk through. However, during our frequent visits to the construction site, we would find discrepancies that our home inspector had missed. Things that were missed were problems such as the double sliding door to the patio was installed upside down; there were even doors placed on the wrong side of the home. The house was framed for the wrong floor plan. Our builder failed to install the water softener piping when our foundation was being poured so they drilled, cracked, and demolished our concrete foundation to install additional electrical wiring and piping. We also have piping that runs in our attic space because of that mishap. Nails that were supposed to hold the siding to the wood frame had missed the frame by two inches so that the panels (the exterior of the home) could be pulled right off the frame. All of these errors added to the construction timeline and budget of our build. And they were all errors found by myself or my wife...not our expensive "professional" home inspector. Yesterday, after my Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI) class, I went on the Internet and found a site regarding home inspectors in the state of Florida. I wanted to share this information with all future and current Florida residents so that they can protect their interests and investments.

It appears that home inspectors in Florida do not require any formal licensing to perform home inspections.

I think it is very important for (prospective) homeowners to thoroughly research their home inspector's credentials to ensure that they are well qualified to do the work. Most importantly, ask for references and take the time to call these people!

If I was in the position to hire a home inspector for buying or selling real estate, I would definitely make sure that they have a license or professional certification so that I could measure their competency. Next, I would personally request at least four references from previous clients. Finally, I would use a Realtor who is a member of the National Association of REALTORs.

Building, buying, or selling a home is possibly the largest commitment a person will go through in their lifetime. Please don't let that experience be marred by having someone on your real estate team who is not qualified to look out for your best interests.

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