​​Marketing with Pro Photography, Video & Floor Plan

Posted by Round Table Realty on Friday, March 18th, 2022 at 3:35pm.



​​Marketing with Pro Photography, Video & Floor Plan


​​Marketing with Pro Photography, Video & Floor Plan


Every home listed for sale on the open market goes onto a searchable website called the MLS. This site is accessible only by Realtors but can be shared with you as a client through a separate portal. The listings on the MLS are then sent out to hundreds of other home-listing websites like Zillow and Realtor.com. This is the first and most important step to marketing your home; after all, if no one knows your home is for sale, how will they buy it?

 But listing your home for sale in the MLS is not enough. You’ve got to list it right and list it smart!


 It seems simple enough - without pictures of your home, buyers aren’t going to know if they want to see it in person. Homes listed with professional pictures get more clicks and sell faster than homes without. Cell phone pictures get the job done but they’re often pixelated, the lighting is poor, and the best parts of the home can’t be highlighted. Professional photography includes property-specific editing that highlights things like natural light, square footage in spacious rooms, and details like crown molding. 

 Photos of the inside and outside of your home are imperative, but Round Table agents can go the extra mile with drone photography. A small robotic airplane is flown above and around your home to get photos of the entire property, the health of the roof, and details like the size of the pool and backyard. These photos are the next step to setting your home apart from the others on the MLS.


 Video is currently the most highly consumed media on the internet. Round Table agents can include 3-D Video Tours of your home on the MLS (and Zillow, Realtor.com, etc.) so that potential buyers not only look at pictures, they can also virtually walk through your home to see the layout. These 3-D Video Tours actually attract more buyers to click and browse than just professional photography alone.

 Round Table agents can also record their own video walk-through of your home via a green-screen! As they virtually stand in front of your house, they talk potential buyers through all the details and highlights of your home - information buyers might not notice just looking at pictures of a 3-D Video Tour.

Floor Plans

 A floor plan is incredibly important when it comes to advertising your home. Buyers want to know where the en suite bedroom is versus the guest bedroom. Some want the bedrooms upstairs, some want them downstairs. And where is the laundry room and do I have to walk through the laundry room to get to the bathroom? Out of town buyers especially prefer this feature before they come to town to see homes in person. Round Table agents can create a floor plan of your home using a tool they have right there on their cell phones! They upload it directly to the MLS and potential buyers can view it along with your photographs and your videos!

 If your Realtor isn’t providing you professional photography, videos, and floor plans, ask for them! And these are just the beginning. Home staging, social media advertising, and open houses are just a few more things your agent can and should provide for you, depending on your home and your goals for sale.





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