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Posted by Round Table Realty on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019 at 7:16am.

When Round Table Realty SuperAgent Tracy Lohse moved to Texas for her husband’s job in 2017, the brokers were crushed! Keith and Howard loved having Tracy at The Table, but because family always comes first around here, they understood. So, in 2018 when Tracy’s husband was transferred back to Jacksonville, you can imagine the party that started around here…

Tracy is the true definition of “People before property.” Her work ethic for the clients she serves is endless. Just recently, Tracy was put in touch with Frances by a mutual friend. Frances is a single mom of 3 that needed her help. The only problem was - Frances lives in Texas!

You see, Frances bought a house in Jacksonville years back and rented it out as an investment. When things around the rental house began to need replacing, Frances invested the money until it began to feel like a major drain on her finances. She knew she would need to sell the Jacksonville house but she didn’t know how or when.

The connection between Tracy and Frances was instantaneous. Not only had they both moved to Texas, but they both also put their families first. Tracy knew how important it was to Frances to offload this property, but she didn’t want her to sell it quickly for an unfair price just because it needed a little love. Tracy went to work, and if you didn’t believe that line above about her work ethic before, you’ll believe it now…

Tracy scoured the internet and her own resources and quickly came upon an investor whose previous purchases made Tracy think he might like this one as well. In fact, he did! She showed him the property (with Frances still in Texas) and the two sat down to negotiate a price.

When Tracy presented Frances with the official offer, Frances was ecstatic! But her big question was, “Will we be able to close before Christmas?”

Not only was Tracy able to work with the investor to close quickly, she actually closed the property in what might just be a record-breaking 12 days! TWELVE DAYS! She allowed Frances to do her side of the paperwork remotely so she never had to physically attend a closing, and while it was a crazy transaction, it was well worth it.

Frances is forever grateful for the peace of mind the sale of her investment property gave her. Christmas was spent loving on her babies instead of worrying about how, or if, she would ever sell her home in another state.

Most transactions aren’t this fast. It usually takes 30-60 days to close on a house. The kismet of meeting an investor who wanted to close quickly and the timing of the sale were due, in part, to pure luck. But absolutely none of it would have been possible had Tracy not immediately put forth her full effort for Frances and her kids. That’s what we do here at Round Table Realty - we go all out of for clients.

A very happy Frances toasting from Texas...

After the closing, Tracy and Frances toasted a glass remotely from their respective states (digitally). Another amazing experience in the books for Tracy. “These are the moments that make the crazies worth it!” Tracy chuckled last week.

If you’re ready to buy or sell a home, or you’re a Real Estate agent who wants to work in a place where we always put our clients first, reach out to us. We’re ready to help!

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