Should I Hire a Real Estate Team? (How Round Table Teams Do It Differently...)

Posted by Round Table Realty on Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 at 9:52am.

Traditionally speaking, a Real Estate team shares everything. That means two agents (or more) share the work and the profits of all transactions right down the middle. Often times one is in charge of buyers and the other sellers. The team set-up inspires many agents to do better and be better, but it can also create big-time resentment (if one perceives the other is doing less work or making more money). When Keith and Howard started Round Table Realty in 2010, they weren’t too keen on hiring Realtor teams.

“I know we’re a team, but we didn’t do things like the other teams we saw in the business. We didn’t keep score with each other,” Keith said. “We just decided that we would help each other be better because we wanted to do Real Estate that way.”

When Bill and Nina Bay joined Round Table Realty in 2017, they explained to Howard and Keith how they were different from other teams.  “We are married and work 100% together," said Nina, "meaning there are no 'his clients' or 'my clients' - they’re our clients together. We both work jointly to achieve our client’s goals. We both bring different talents and skills to the table. Many of our clients have told us that they chose us as their realtor because we are a husband and wife team and work together."

It wasn’t long after that when Ben and Tracy Glynn of The Glynn Team felt the attraction to Round Table and reached out to join. “Tracy develops rapport immediately whereas I handle contracts and negotiating, things like that. And when I need her to show a house to a buyer so I can take our son to practice, obviously there are no questions asked.”

The Bays and The Glynns became the first official teams at Round Table Realty, but they were both married couples. “People joke that Howard and I have been married for 35 years because we’ve known each other and worked together so long,” Keith says. “So even after those couples joined us, we still didn’t buy that teams were a great strategy. Then, of course, we met Jen and Julia.”

When Jen Kespohl and Julia Everson inquired about a place at The Table as a team, they had to convince the guys that their team mentality was different than mainstream Real Estate. “We are partners. We don’t have a leader that fronts the money or delegates responsibility. No one is assigned to buyers or sellers. We’re true partners. If I can’t do a showing, Julia does. If she can’t get a listing presentation prepared in time, I’ll do it,” Jen says. “Money is never the issue. Doing what’s right is the issue. The money always works itself out anyway.”

“Some of our transactions are completely combined - split down the middle. Others are all hers, or all mine, but we still help one another with those, too,” Julia Everson says. “I love being in this business with my partner, and now a whole brokerage, who put people before property.”

And then came Erin Mount and Gail George, another team ready to make the switch. “We’re not a tiered team like other setups. She motivates me. She’s creative and I’m organized. We give each other ideas. Not to mention, we’re really great friends,” Erin explains.

“It’s true,” Gail smiles.

RTR agents Alan Levinson and Bret Melton also play by their own team rules. “Once we split up our expenses, we share the profits. But sometimes we do our own transactions and we still help each other. There’s no pressure,” Alan explained.

These people are truly changing the way Realtors create and run Real Estate teams. Round Table Realty was never open to the team structure until they found this many heart-first agents who brought so much to the brokerage in terms of knowledge and cooperation. Now, they're excited to welcome teams who can add more to the culture at The Table. They intend to maintain the standard of client-focused agents, but if working together makes them more successful, Keith and Howard are all for it.

“Since these teams have joined us, more and more teams are coming on board. I wouldn’t say it’s what we expected, but we’re really happy to have teams who do Real Estate that way we do,” Howard smiles.

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