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 You’re ready to buy a new home, sell your old one, or both. You know a Realtor. You think you know your way around a Real Estate Transaction. It’s go-time!!!

But like Mark Carroll from Round Table Realty said, “Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.”

There isn’t a Realtor on Earth who hasn’t had an “oops” during a transaction. Every single sale is different in Real Estate and you can’t expect a human being to be perfect. But if you can avoid some of the more common pitfalls by knowing when it might be time to find another Realtor, you could save yourself a lot of headache.

It might be time to fire your Realtor if:

  1. ...communication is lacking. If your phone calls and texts aren’t returned within the hour, it’s time to say

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Closing on your new home will try your patience...

Steeled nerves, flexibility and a good sense of humor will keep you sane

Jacksonville, FL - Its becoming more and more inevitable that you are just simply going to miss your closing date.  I know I know, that's just a horrible sentiment to have but by planning for this eventuality you can keep your hair and your nails and know that while you might not be closing on that pre-planned Friday, you will likely be eventually closing.

Its not fair and there are a plethora of reasons why it's not going to hit on the date everyone wants but alas there is likely not much you're going to be able to do but simply laugh and drink a cold one.  Simply put, the entire market is overwhelmed.

Its not just that

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Thank you for allowing Round Table to help sell your Jacksonville Home

Jacksonville, FL - 

Courtney, Keith, and Howard Thank you for everything.  We truly appreciate your hard work and dedication.  You were very supportive throughout the roller-coaster ride we experienced during the entire process of selling our home.  We made it to Daytona last night and as you can see from the attached photo we enjoyed a leisurely walk on the beach this morning. We have shared with our friends how delighted we were in selecting Roundtable Realty to represent us in the sale of 8711 Sanchez Road. Sincerely, Dan and Lynda
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You will be paying more for your Jacksonville home

Luckily Interest Rates Remain Low

Jacksonville, FL - You're not unusual.  You're probably like many many people.  You'd love to buy a home but there's something holding you back.  Perhaps its leftover trepidation from the horrible recession we went through.  Maybe its because you saw someone buy a home during the bubble and have to experience what its like to be tens of thousands of dollars upside down.  Maybe its becuase you want to 'time the bottom'.  There are plenty of reasons but I can address the last reason.... you're late.  At least in north Florida. 

Rarely is there a time like now, where interest rates create a buyer's market while pricing and inventory allow for a seller's market.  You

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In case you didnt know it, this literally may be the best time to buy a home, ever in North Florida.  All the stats show it, the rates defend it, and the prices are awesome.  This quite possibly could be the day of the bottom.

By Diana Olick - CNBC Real Estate Reporter:   For the first time in seven months, home prices as recorded on the S&P/Case Shiller Home price Indices saw month-to month gains. The press release even referred to it as a “spike.” A 1.3 percent rise for the 10 and 20 city composites. When you seasonally adjust, the number dips to 0.7 percent, but it is still in the positive, and these days in housing, that apparently constitutes a spike.

“Some of this is probably because this is the spring selling season really hitting its stride,”

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Professional Photography is the Key Ingredient


There are a lot of studies by independents, websites that cater to real estate and by real estate related organizations that have shown results proving that having better quality photographs help greatly in the sale of homes online. A survey that was done in late 2007 showed that almost 80% of the home sold in 2006, people had started their search for those homes online. It is now 2010 and the National Association of Realtors states that Eighty-Four percent of home buyers say that photos and detailed property descriptions are the most important feature when searching for homes online. With the number of households with a computer and internet access still growing, eventually, everyone will be

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Renters to Pick Up the Slack on HOA Dues?

New Law Effects Renters For Delinquent Landlords

Those who rent face a new threat of eviction now that a Florida law allows HOAs to go after renters, not just landlords, forend_of_the_road_825 delinquent dues and fees. Thus the old days of simply writing a check to your landlord and assuming the 'bills' were paid are long over, if you didn't know that already.

Should the owner fall behind on their HOA dues and the renter doesn't pick them up, the renter now faces the cloud of eviction. In the past, HOAs could and would place liens on property but eviction of the renter for this wasn't in the cards.

Up until now, tenants paid only their rent to their landlords, who were then supposed to pay any fixed expenses like

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Coupons and Housing are Apples & Oranges?

If you didn't know, my wife is an avid couponer. She is on an ever-pressing charge to find a better deal for something "needed" like diapers, wipes, bread, milk, etc. That couldn't stop me from buying the Mr. Steamy yesterday while stopping at Office Max to buy label maker tape. So smart of them to put that "As Seen on TV" stuff on the shelves as it strikes right at the hole in my consumer shield. What's that!? Mighty Putty! ...but I digress.

In the ever pressing charge to cut our personal balance sheets via couponing, slashing the internet service to our homes, reducing the lawn care service to be willing to dust off the lawnmower you owned all along and put it to use, many of us have stopped looking at the

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Including Getting in the Pool Game

Swimming and Owning


Tomorrow, Monday 7/12/2010, my 7.5-month-old son Aiden will be taking his first swimming lesson. I think it'll be more, "FLOAT!!!" than swim but I digress. The child has been a water baby since the day we introduced him to the chilly community pool. The ooohs and ahhhhs from the people that were in the pool belied my fears that he would slip out of my hands, or do a number 2 in the pool that would make it out of his swim diaper. All of these fears were unrealized and he enjoyed the splish-splashing and the attention thoroughly. I, too, perhaps, enjoyed his spotlight as well, "Hey, this is my son....that's right."

Using www.InfantSwim.com and the teacher that lives in our Waterleaf

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We just released this locally here in Jacksonville - but I thought it wise to bring it to the world. So here it is....let us know your thoughts! Please feel free to re-post, but if you do we ask that you keep it in its original form.

<Begin Press Release>


Contact: David Cohen

904-469-SOLD Howard Flaschen Howard@RoundTableRealty.com

Round Table Realty Builds Business on Concept of ‘People Before Property’ Jacksonville real estate entrepreneurs aim to fuse best of traditional industry with high-tech, customer-focused service

Jacksonville, FL (June 14, 2010) – For David Cohen, Howard Flaschen, and Keith Francis, the joy of

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