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The government’s partial shut down this past month doesn’t seem directly related to the Real Estate market. But like many other areas of finance in the country, the effects of the shut down are trickling through in ways many Realtors expected but hoped to avoid.

The most affected area of Real Estate? Loans. “Most lenders rely on IRS transcripts regularly to qualify buyers for their loans,” Sarah Burbage of Movement Mortgage told us. “If they cannot summon a transcript, loan applications are delayed. That's why you need lenders like Movement who can often find other ways of qualifying buyers. A lot of lenders can't do that and so right now, buyers are stuck." The IRS began releasing transcripts again on January 8, but the transcript requests are

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You don’t often hear about agents from the same brokerage helping each other if they’re not a team. Typically agents like to keep their tools and their clients close to the chest. At Round Table Realty, it’s different.

Kim Harshaw, an incredible RTR agent who joined us at the beginning of 2018, hit the ground running. A Washington D.C. transplant, she had nothing to work with but time and leads, and she quickly proved she was willing to do what it took to build up a solid client base here in Jacksonville and the beaches. 

Leslie Dow is an RTR agent and Broker-Associate here at The Table with a knack for technology and an incredible dedication to helping others. So when Kim took a holiday trip back to D.C., she called Leslie.
“I got a call…
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Trying to sell your Shortsale?  You need a team...

maybe an army.

Jacksonville, FL - If you've had the unfortunate luck of finding yourself in a shortsale situation it can be one of the most trying times of your life.  You need to steel yourself for what is to come and you need to surround yourself with a team of tried and true veterans of shortsales to help navigate the rough seas ahead.  At the Table, we have such a team.  Lawyers, processors, warriors, all coming together to attempt to help you succeed in reaching your goals.

Avoiding foreclosure is key.  There are so many benefits in looking at your other options and perhaps one of them will ring true for you and yours.  Please, reach out before its too late.

We have a ton of success stories

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