The Eternal Search for Coupons

Posted by Howard Flaschen on Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 at 11:20am.

Coupons and Housing are Apples & Oranges?

If you didn't know, my wife is an avid couponer. She is on an ever-pressing charge to find a better deal for something "needed" like diapers, wipes, bread, milk, etc. That couldn't stop me from buying the Mr. Steamy yesterday while stopping at Office Max to buy label maker tape. So smart of them to put that "As Seen on TV" stuff on the shelves as it strikes right at the hole in my consumer shield. What's that!? Mighty Putty! ...but I digress.

In the ever pressing charge to cut our personal balance sheets via couponing, slashing the internet service to our homes, reducing the lawn care service to be willing to dust off the lawnmower you owned all along and put it to use, many of us have stopped looking at the BIG picture.

With a hardship or impending hardship (call or email for more information on these), we homeowners continue to hang onto our current imperfect home with an imperfect mortgage payment because it is where we live, it's our "home". Well, its also the biggest investment you ever made and not all investments are good. As a matter of fact, some of our country's best investors say the tactic that has made them the most money, over the long run, has been to know when to cut a "dog" or a "bad investment".

Now I am not advocating going for foreclosure or even the misadvised tactic of a "strategic default". What I am advising is that, with our guidance, you look at the long term gameplan and look at the options available to you. Just because you shortsell your home today does NOT mean you will not be able to buy a home in the near future and unless you think home prices are going to run away like a freight train you likely won't be missing out. Think of it as possibly using a housing coupon today so that you can be in a better position in the near future.

But where will I live? Well consider this, if you take away the negative connotation that "rent" has on its name and

cdpelogo_color_name_300dpi_1263simply look at it as a business proposition, you'll rent a home, likely bigger than you own now and for less monthly cost than you might owe now while you 'take a breather' before purchasing your next home. This is for some people, a smart move and a wise investment choice... The Coupon!

I do not recommend doing this without seeking advice from those you trust. If you need, we have advisors affiliated with Round table that can help look at your situation and advise you as to what might be best for you and your family today and in the future. At Round Table Realty we have Certified Distressed Property Experts on staff ready to help for FREE and you can visit our specialty site regarding distressed property situations at for more information.

The trick to buying Mr.Steamy was to not bring home the receipt....than my wife can't force me to return it. Now, if only it works.

Howard Flaschen



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