The Inconvenience of Progress (Roadwork in Jacksonville FL)

Posted by Howard Flaschen on Monday, August 30th, 2010 at 11:21am.

Inconvenient Progress in Jacksonville, FL

Real Estate is affected NOW by construction for the future

Jacksonville, FL - I can't tell you how many times we'll be driving a customer to see a home for sale only to be stoppedroad_construction_528 in heavy traffic. I am not talking about Rush Hour and I am not talking about a terrible accident. I am simply talking about progress. Inevitably the customer begins to mumble under their breath about the traffic or they simply state that they can't buy a home in this area because it's so 'congested'. Ahhhh, Progress.

See, we Realtors go on to explain what is going on, the 'progress', shall we say, but the customer, on some occasions, only hears the hammering of the huge crane in the far off distance as it drives pilings into the ground (yes, I am talking about you... Atlantic and Kernan). The home could be great, just right, but to have to sit in traffic at that intersection for more than 5 minutes on the way to work is just wrong (welcome to Jacksonville... where everywhere is just 20 minutes away). I go on to explain about the flow the intersection will have in just a short while and how the road started off in the 'olden days' as just 2 lanes. Eh... Let's go see Mandarin.

Mandarin!? Seriously!? Why don't I just take you up to where I95 meets JTB?!

I digress. What we have to understand and it's our job to inform, is that the inconvenient progress we are seeing and feeling today is sometimes just what the doctor ordered so that we don't have that inconvenient, extended wait in traffic 6 months from now. It's so that we can stop at Starbucks on the way to work as opposed to being late and having to drink the office coffee. Right?

The point of this diatribe is simply to see the 'progress' for what it is... a terrific way for people to buy a home now, while the prices and rates are low, sacrificing a bit of time and inconvenience on the way to work, while loving it when the progress is fully installed, and the traffic flow is simply dreamy. Small sacrifice perhaps but one that we should recognize as progress, a good thing, before its simply written off as intolerable.

Or simply honk.

Howard Flaschen



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