The Latest Towncenter in Jacksonville is On its Way!

Posted by Round Table Realty on Monday, March 2nd, 2020 at 12:01pm.

                                                                                Highland Row   
You've probably heard of the Skinner Family here in Jacksonville. Responsible for much of the dairy farming, and ingenious "milk houses" to replace milk home delivery services, the Skinners are known for owning a lot of the property in our beautiful city. But over the past 20 years, they've slowly sold it to worthy investors to create the legacies they wanted to continue leaving in Jacksonville. But now, they're down to the very last piece of property, and believe it or not, they've been working on a plan for this special plot of land since 2005.  "This property is our last major holding. It is a legacy for us. We want it to be a legacy. We want this to be something that Jacksonville hasn’t seen. We want it to be different." Their plan? To create an incredible neighborhood complete with parks, shopping, entertainment, and housing. Their masterplanned community will include townhomes and a little over 1,000 single family homes, as well as 200 acres of conservation land. The hope is that the neighborhood will encompass a feeling of community and appreciation for the natural beauty right here in Jacksonville. As the Skinners planned out their final project, they began working with developers to help fill out the rest of their vision. 
Most recently, Jeff Fuqua (a developer from Atlanta) has unveiled his plans to create Highland Row, a project spanning 65 acres that will include office buildings, retail and restaurant space including a Publix surrounding the homes. Two hotels and a huge movie theatre are also in the plans. All of this will be located southeast of the St. Johns Towncenter, and that means Fuqua is looking for very specific and complimentary retail and restaurants. In short, this newest phase is not meant to be a Towncenter 2.0! 
While we might begin to see this area developed in 2020, the entire project is thought to span 15 or even 20 years, depending upon the economy and continued growth in Northeast Florida. Yes, that's a long timeline, but being that this is the Skinners' final contribution to Jacksonville, they're focused on making it something incredibly special!

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