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The number one complaint we hear about Jacksonville is - with all this water, where's the waterfront dining?! Where's the waterfront retail? Parks? Walkways? Anything??

Jacksonville is a city blessed with the St. Johns River, the intercoastal, and the Atlantic Ocean all within a 40 minute drive. However, we often get questions about what our residents can do to take advantage of all that water. There are certainly plenty of water sports, sand bars, and open spaces to ski and tube. There are beautiful beaches and lots of secret fishing spots. But for those of us who would like to enjoy the water from a cafe, bar, or restaurant? Those sacred spots are few and far…
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Traditionally speaking, a Real Estate team shares everything. That means two agents (or more) share the work and the profits of all transactions right down the middle. Often times one is in charge of buyers and the other sellers. The team set-up inspires many agents to do better and be better, but it can also create big-time resentment (if one perceives the other is doing less work or making more money). When Keith and Howard started Round Table Realty in 2010, they weren’t too keen on hiring Realtor teams.

“I know we’re a team, but we didn’t do things like the other teams we saw in the business. We didn’t keep score with each other,” Keith said. “We just decided that we would help each other be better because we wanted to do Real Estate that

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People do it every year. They sell their homes without a Realtor (for sale by owner). And frankly, many of them do it successfully and without regret.

With the advent of the Internet, almost everyone now has “Google Doctorate” in something. They read about a subject just long enough to feel competent. You might have noticed this by the amount of For Sale By Owner signs now perched outside of homes in many neighborhoods. Many of you have learned you can get more money by paying less in commissions if you sell your homes without a Realtor. Why wouldn’t you go FSBO?

We’ll tell you why - Traffic!

The first and most obvious reason is that selling a home yourself means your home isn’t listed in the MLS (Multiple Listings Service) database. Public

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There are hundreds of intricate details that go in to buying a home. But did you know that the timing of your purchase agreement can play a huge role in how much money it costs you to purchase a home? An experienced Realtor can (and should) help you to write a contract according to the timeline that saves you the most money upfront. 

Here are three examples of how timelines can play into your purchase, and how your Realtor can step in to advocate for you:

1. Buyers must pay for the appraisal of the home they want to buy (meaning a determination of how much the home is actually worth). If the home does not appraise for the agreed-upon sales price, the buyer has the option of removing their purchase offer. BUT! The buyer has already agreed to put

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It's a great time to build your own new home! The interest rates are low, you can choose every detail to suit your heart's desires, and you know the bones of your house are strong. We specialize in new construction here at Round Table Realty, so we want you to know why it benefits you to have us on your side!
As our super-agent Alan Levinson tells us in this RTR video:
1. Our agents already know your builders and the real estate agents on site! We know their contracts inside and out, as well as the previously-built homes' timelines. We ensure you're getting fair and equal representation, and that no part of the process is left unexplained. 2. You will have a trained set of eyes watching the building process unfold along with you! With so many…
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New Construction Walkthroughs

What you should expect and demand

St. Johns County, FL - So you bought a new home from a buiilder and its time for your "First Walk".  This walk is called a couple of different things by different people but in essence its the walkthrough that is done approximately a week prior to closing. This is where the builder has invited you to come to the home, ask questions and point out things that you want fixed or remedied prior to your final walkthrough, which is generally the day of closing.

The reason why the First Walkthrough is where you need to be prepared and buying new construction in St. Johns Countyhave your gameface on is that generally the builder is going to point to this walkthrough as the guide you gave them to satisfy you.  If you try to add things

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Your Jacksonville Realtor

One advantage to working in general real estate is learning about new areas of Jacksonville.  I live at Ponte Vedra Beach and am familiar with areas close to where I live however I recently started working with a new customer who's daughter is relocating to the Jacksonville area for school.  The parents wanted to purchase a place for their daughter instead of having her rent since she will be here 4 years.  She either wanted something close to the beach or something in the Riverside area where she could walk to the shops.  I spent three days driving around the Riverside area to make sure I didn't miss any home(s) that might be perfect for them.  While in the area, I discovered a wonderful restaurant at 5 Points called Cozy

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#1. A mortgage is a home loan.

Nope. A mortgage is actually the piece of paper that gives a bank the right to take back your home if you fail to pay the home loan. A minor detail, but we're surprised how often "mortgage" and "home loan" are used interchangeably, when in fact they aren't the same thing. You don't truly pay off a mortgage - you pay off a home loan, which "voids" the mortgage at the end.


#2. My loan matures when my term ends.

You could be forgiven for thinking so, but not necessarily. The term of a loan is the length of time your lender uses to calculate your monthly payments. Most loans mature (that is, come due) at the end of their terms. An

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Closing on your new home will try your patience...

Steeled nerves, flexibility and a good sense of humor will keep you sane

Jacksonville, FL - Its becoming more and more inevitable that you are just simply going to miss your closing date.  I know I know, that's just a horrible sentiment to have but by planning for this eventuality you can keep your hair and your nails and know that while you might not be closing on that pre-planned Friday, you will likely be eventually closing.

Its not fair and there are a plethora of reasons why it's not going to hit on the date everyone wants but alas there is likely not much you're going to be able to do but simply laugh and drink a cold one.  Simply put, the entire market is overwhelmed.

Its not just that

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