Which Realtor should you Hire?

Posted by Round Table Realty on Monday, August 12th, 2019 at 10:46am.

Round Table Realty is very proud to commonly boast agents in the top 100 of Northeast Florida.

With over 10,000 Realtors here, being in the top 100 is a real honor! However, as Howard explains in the latest episode of The Independent Brokerage, these stats aren't always as clear as they would appear to be in black and white. 

Many real estate agents are working as the leader of a team. This means that agents, often less experienced, gain access to information and practice by being a part of a team lead by a consummate professional Realtor. For brokerages that don't have brokers readily available to them, working on a team might be the next best thing! However, the agent leading the team is often the agent getting the credit for every single team member's sales. That means it could be reported that a Realtor closes $10,000,000 in a single month! While it's true that the team leader likely helped with each transaction, it doesn't mean they actually made the sale. Because of this, the team leader makes it into the top 100 agents in our area and appears to be absolutely slaying the world of real estate! 

Our own Howard Flaschen appears in the top 100 of Real Producers magazine for the month of July. While he is honored, he also recognizes that many of his sales are actually homes he listed in the MLS on behalf of a builder here in St. Johns and Duval Counties. Some of his own sales numbers are skewed because of this! And he's not afraid to tell you that while he works day and night as a single agent on behalf of his clients, these numbers don't actually reflect the homes he sold in one month. 

If you're on the hunt for a Realtor, there are better ways to make decisions about whether or not to hire them. 
1. Have they provided you with data-based information about your home or the area in which you're looking to purchase?
2. Are they available by phone, text, and email from day one?
3. Did they listen to your needs and provide you information to serve your needs?
4. Are they a single agent?
5. Do you feel comfortable and confident that you can trust this agent and his or her suggestions?


Have they provided you with data-based information?

Real estate agents can, and should, easily provide you with recent sales in the area you're looking to buy or sell. They should have no problem providing neighborhood information like nearby schools, shopping, and traffic patterns. You should never wonder whether or not your Realtor understands a neighborhood before you begin your process. If your Realtor has not given you any information regarding your home sale or search by the second meeting, you might want to interview another Realtor.

Are they available by phone, text, and email?

The home sales process is long, arduous, and sometimes incredibly frustrating. While you want your agent to be incredibly knowledgeable, you also want to be able to reach them you need them! Agents shouldn't be expected to work 24 hours a day, but if you cannot get ahold of them during business hours, that's a problem. If you have difficulty reaching your agent, especially in the beginning, it's time to move on. You're hiring a professional for a reason and you want to be able to contact them.

Did they listen to your needs?

A good Realtor will spend a lot of time listening and asking questions. While it's easy to sell you the most expensive house on the block, your agent should be zeroing in on things that are important to you like a split floorplan or extra wide door openings. Everyone has some specific non-negotiables. If your agent is listening to your needs, you'll know very quickly by the way they serve your needs. When you don't feel like you're the priority, you need a better agent.

Are they a single agent?

We talk a lot about single agents at Round Table Realty. Single agents are Realtors that can act on behalf of the clients they serve. A vast majority of agents are what are known as transaction brokers. That means they legally must act on behalf of the transaction; translation: make the sale. They cannot legally divulge information to you that would give an advantage! Did you know the default in Florida is transaction brokerage? Most agents don't even know about single agency and why it's so important. Several brokerages in our area offer single agents, and we highly recommend you choose one of them.

Do you feel confident trusting their suggestions

Your Realtor should be making suggestions to you. If you're buying, they should be suggesting neighborhoods, builders, or price points. If you're selling, they should be suggesting ways in which to enhance the showing power of your home including things like how to stage your home and improve its curb appeal. If you don't trust your agent to know more than you, you need a different agent. There should be an inherent trust between you and your agent! 

In this episode of The Independent Brokerage, Howard and Erin discuss Realtor rankings (and lots of other topics). Click the picture and watch!


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