Why would I need a real estate agent for a house I'm building from scratch?!

Posted by Erin Salem on Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 at 12:13pm.

It's a great time to build your own new home! The interest rates are low, you can choose every detail to suit your heart's desires, and you know the bones of your house are strong. We specialize in new construction here at Round Table Realty, so we want you to know why it benefits you to have us on your side!

As our super-agent Alan Levinson tells us in this RTR video:
1. Our agents already know your builders and the real estate agents on site! We know their contracts inside and out, as well as the previously-built homes' timelines. We ensure you're getting fair and equal representation, and that no part of the process is left unexplained.
2. You will have a trained set of eyes watching the building process unfold along with you! With so many things happening simultaneously, new construction timelines can sometimes feel confusing. We know who to call and which doors to knock on to keep things moving.
3. The real estate agents on site represent the builders, not you. It doesn't cost you a thing to have an RTR realtor on your side, advocating on your behalf!

If that's not enough reason to call Round Table Realty when you're ready to build your home, in this video our super-agent Frank Whibley explains that something as simple as picking out your countertops or placement of the house on your lot can have consequences down the road. RTR agents can see around corners because they've done this a time or two! They can guide you through the design meeting, pre-construction meeting, frame walk-through, first walk-through, and final walk-through. (Yes! You have to make decisions and spot potential problems that many times!) 

Frank recently suggested that his client get a final outside home inspection despite the builder's warranty. Why? Because it could easily prevent future problems and hassles. Frank's client wasn't too sure about spending the money, but Frank assured them that it was well-worth it to protect their several hundred thousand dollar investment.
And guess what?
The inspector found a small issue with the plumbing in and around the new washing machine hook-up. If the customer had completed the purchase, they would have been calling the builder to clean up and fix the now entirely-flooded first floor! Yes, the builder would take responsibility, but think about the weeks or months of hassle and the potential massive property loss! (This is just one of many reasons home builders love RTR Realtors, too!)

Round Table Realtors are on your side and we can make new construction a seamless experience so you can focus on how exciting it feels to create your own home!

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