Your Site Agent's Tenure is Critical to Building a Successful Home with a Builder

Posted by Howard Flaschen on Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 at 10:09am.

How Long Has Your Site Agent Worked for Your Builder?

Only Having an Experienced Realtor on Your Side Can Save the Day

Jacksonville, FL - This is a critically overlooked factor in how your home's build is going to go and whether or not you, the customer, will be happy in the end with the product. Remember, the home you're buying is built by a team of subcontractors that is overseen by a project manager or superintendant. This is however not your point of contact or your avenue to make sure that the build process and the end product is what you bought, what you were sold, and what you expected. It is the site agent that is your voice especially if you didn't invite a Realtor to be your advocate (which is free).

With homebuilders tweaking their business models over the last 5 years one of the things that has becomenew-home-construction_425 imperative is how knowledgable is your site agent about the product, the builder's processes, who is the problem solver in their division, and how important is your site agent to them. To you, the site agent is the face of a huge corporation but one in which is telling and selling you on the advantages of buying new, and there are many. From customizations, well amenitized communities, warranties, piece of mind, etc. It all comes with new construction and a site agent who represents it accurately, with confidence, and knowledge that comes with years of experience.

No two customers are the same and it is critically important that the site agent find out what is important to you and yours. That is why they must put you first and throw the script out of the window. As a matter of fact, if you find an agent who is consistently driving you back to what he or she wants or has been guided to talk about, I would run the other way because that means your wants, needs, and expectations are always going to take a backseat to that of the process, the builder's needs and the speed of their buildtime.

One of the effects of the housing downturn is that many of the average site agents have gone and gotten into other industries leaving only the very best site agent's in the field AND more importantly and scary, only the one's who are very new and green. Be wary of the company who constantly puts a new group of site agents out in their model homes because it is a huge red flag that not only is the company putting their numbers first and you second but it is also very clear that when a new face is the face of the company every few months, you will be dealing with a company that probably makes it difficult to work for and get the job done for you. Its also a very good possibility that your new agent wont know the answers, wont know where to get them and wont have the respect of his or her peers (super, PM, or management) to achieve a remedy to a likely problem.

durbin-crossing_480You are going to need the site agent to convey your feelings to the builder, the superintendants, thereby the subcontractors and the upper management. If the site agent's tenure is uber-short who is going to pay them much mind to fix the problems. These homes are built by humans so errors are made. Your Round Table Realtor will help greatly but if your site agent has to constantly shrug or say, "Im the new guy." you may have some serious problems getting the home you were promised with the features you thought you paid for.

Contact your Round Table Agent today to make sure that you have an advocate that is working for you and can avoid the pitfalls of working with companies that maybe dont have you first in mind and site agent's so new that they simply cant navigate the innerworkings of their huge corporation to get the things done to get your home right, even though they will try. This is too big a purchase for you to leave in the hands of "the new guy."

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