People First, Then Property

It's affectionately dubbed: People Before Property

At Round Table Realty we know what is important.  We have built a platform on putting clients first and knowing that if you take care of the people in your life that your business will take care of itself.  Heart is what we hang on to and we believe it is paramount in Real Estate, some of the largest purchases a person will make.  You are changing people's lives and we never want to lose sight of that.  It is a culture pervasive in the RTR home and that is why we think of all of the agents at RTR as Culture Ambassadors.  

I'm sure it matters so: Round Table Realty offers a competitive pay that gives you a chance to truly be rewarded for working for a unique brokerage instead of the big boxes.  Big commissions, no transaction fees, freedom, and incredible availability is what we intend to bring to the industry because The Round Table is NOT your father's real estate company.

Round Table Realty is flexible. 

Instead of the huge buildings on the side of the road we know that 90% of home buyers are walking the internet instead of the sidewalk and we have created one of the biggest buildings on the web.  Our website is dynamic, attractive, and full of important information, making it great for clients and great for you.  The Round Table website serves as a hub to allow you to get your work done from just about anywhere and each of our agents can have their own site to work with for only $20/mo!  WOW and its ready and customizable out of the box.  (We do have a nice big office for you, though)

Round Table Realty is about your goals.

We will make your goals our goals at RTR. We know that the brokerage is there for you, not vice versa. We have no quotas, no top lister awards, no top sales awards because none of that matters to us.  What matters to us is your happiness and your client's happiness.

Round Table Realty is about keeping it simple.




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