The better your home looks, the faster it sells!

We pride ourselves in helping clients create a look that will minimize the clutter and maximize the focus on the home itself. Together, we can decide which home staging option makes sense for your home. The goal is to make your home look elegant with simple decorating that allows buyers to imagine what's possible when they move in!

Option 1:
Professional Home Staging 


This option works best for an empty home.
Perhaps you've already moved into your next
home, or maybe you were renting it out prior
to putting it on the market. While empty homes
often have no trouble selling, occasionally they
require this extra step to help buyers see
themselves living life in your space. 



Option 2:
Digital Staging

How do most people browse homes now? The internet! If your home is vacant and a professional home stager isn't necessary to get folks interested, we have access to an incredible digital staging company that can fill in the digital blanks and give home buyers the best look possible while they scroll through the rooms of your home. 






Digital Floor Plan

With digital staging also comes professional floor plans. Not every home's floor plan is mapped out on a lunch napkin, but few have a floor plan that truly gives the buyer a feeling about the home's layout. Luckily, Round Table Realty has the ability to digitally map out your floor plan in an artistic way that helps the buyer see that your home is the perfect place!


Option 3:
Self Home Staging

"Should I replace the carpets?"
"Should we repaint this room?"
"Should we repaint the baseboards?!"

Round Table Realty agents can give you advice about which home improvements you should spend money on, and when, as soon as you decide to sell your home! We offer simple staging reports, lists of things you can do yourselves to improve the liklihood that your home will sell. Sometimes a simple coat of pain and some new bathroom fixtures can completely change the way a buyer sees your home!

P.S. No cell phone photos here! 
Every Round Table Realty home listing is professionally photographed and uploaded to the three major online home-browsing websites. If a potential buyer can't get past a bad picture, they won't walk into your home!