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Leslie Dow

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Courtney Drury

"Treat others the way you'd like to be treated". My mom taught me this golden rule when I was younger and it's someth…

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Lindsay Ellis

Though born in Missouri, Lindsay moved to the First Coast and graduated from the University of North Florida in 2009…

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Georgina Essa

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Julia Everson

Let's face it- the real estate world can be extremely stressful! From looking at homes, making a huge financial deci…

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Brenda Fantauzzi

Brenda was born on the happy island of Puerto Rico! She and her husband married in 1999 and worked together to buy h…

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Andrea Farhat

Born in Jacksonville, Andrea is a real Northeast Florida native! She graduated from the University of North Florida w…

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Kim Felix

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Kim Felix brings a little taste of New York with her everywhere she goes. A natural sale…

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Howard Flaschen

As a regional trainer for one of the largest home builders in the country, Howard knows this business. His ability to…

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Office Administrator

Mariann Flaschen

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Melanie Fletcher

My name is Melanie Fletcher and I have been a realtor for 10 years. I became a realtor to ensure that others looking…

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Audrey Forbis

I moved here a year ago from the busy life in South FL. Wanting more out of life and more for my family, we decided …

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Keith Francis

Throughout the last 16 years that Keith has worked in Real Estate he leaves no stone unturned, exploring every possib…

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Stacy Francis

Stacy is a Jacksonville native; born and raised here in town. She got into the real estate business 15 years ago work…

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Kaitlyn Gabbard

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Josh Glover

I look forward to helping you with all of your Real Estate needs. I spent my formative years in the Windy City area a…

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