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6/21/2010 - First Press Release

Contact: David Cohen

Howard Flaschen


Round Table Realty Builds Business on Concept of ‘People Before Property’ 

Jacksonville real estate entrepreneurs aim to fuse best of traditional industry with high-tech, customer-focused service 


Jacksonville, FL (June 14, 2010) – For David Cohen, Howard Flaschen, and Keith Francis, the joy of real estate is in guiding buyers and sellers toward the next phase of their lives. With diverse backgrounds as entrepreneurs, homebuilders, and realtors, the three co-founded Round Table Realty, a full-service real estate company in Jacksonville, Florida. 

“Round Table Realty is built on a foundation of being different,” says Flaschen. “Without the constraints of a corporate umbrella, we are able to provide bold marketing, decisive negotiations, and innovative service." 

“Buyers and sellers want to be equal participants in the process,” adds Cohen. “Our intention was to develop a sense of openness, an even playing field.”

Round Table Realty and it’s broker, L. Michael Raley, have a combined 35 years’ experience in the real estate industry. A certified Realtor, Cohen also owns Nederlander Group, LLC, a commercial real estate investment and management consortium that owns or manages more than 195,000 square feet of industrial and office space. Meanwhile, Flaschen’s experience as a regional trainer for one of the country’s largest homebuilders helped him develop a unique, solutions-based approach to working with customers. And Francis brings to the table eight years’ experience working with large local and national homebuilders, where he researched current market trends with a focus on finding homes that anticipated customers’ evolving needs. 

Together, the three founders are determined to blend their strengths into the highest class of customer service, maintaining priority on the people, not the property.  “When I saw what these guys wanted to do and the direction they wanted to take, I was happy to be dragged back into real estate again,” said Raley, “I think customers will be elated to work with the Round Table.” 

“Today, tremendous service and expertise count for more,” says Flaschen. “We created the Round Table knowing that.” 

“Buyers and sellers can do a lot of research on their own,” Cohen explains. The Internet is rife with sites that allow people to view and compare homes, track market and area data, and compile lists of properties that appeal to them. “That’s why real estate agents need to provide something that customers can’t get on their own.”  

For Round Table Realty, that necessary extra includes building a cutting-edge customer-centric website that is both valuable and easy to navigate; using high-definition photography and video to emphasize a home’s assets in ways that are anything but cookie-cutter; and, above all else, giving clients the refreshing courtesy of an honest opinion. 

“That’s what this market calls for,” Cohen says.  “It takes a creative touch, a creative eye, and an attention to detail.” 

To learn more about Round Table Realty, email David Cohen or call 904-469-SOLD (904-469-7653)